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The Next Big Thing?


Apr 21, 2015

Mobile Ad Spending Will Climb to $100 Billion annually in 2016.

What do you do after you started one of the fastest growing and most successful franchise systems in the country?  Well if you're Jerry Clum you start another one.  Clum's first franchise concept was in the senior care industry.  Virtually overnight it grew to over 700 franchised locations in 46 states and seven countries with annual revenues of $350 million. You may think that such an accomplishment might be hard to top, but not Clum.  According to Clum, "It's just a simple matter of demographics."  Often new companies create a product or service and then try to find a market for it.  Clum credits his successes to finding a potential market first and then creating a product or service to serve that market.   For example, he started the senior care franchise just before the first wave of Baby Boomers became senior citizens.   What's Clum's secret ingredient for success?   "Set the trend, don't follow it."

So what's his next big thing?  That would be Top Ten Percent®. TTP franchisees harness the power of mobile marketing to instantly connect consumers to product and service discounts from top-rated businesses.  Consumers nominate businesses and franchisees evaluate them to select those that qualify as TTP Award Winners.   The consumer's free membership allows them to Buy From The Best For Less™ by instantly producing Virtual On-Command Coupons on their mobile devices to redeem savings from best-in-class businesses in over 300 categories.  Businesses pay franchisees a nominal, monthly membership fee to benefit from the recognition they receive from their TTP endorsement and to be "digitally" connected to thousands of loyal, local, repeat buyers at a feasible discount price point.

While the TTP model has a wide range of consumer users from 13 to 74 years of age, the driving force behind the concept once again comes down to demographics.  When Clum created the concept in 2012, he recognized that the U.S was on the leading edge of another huge demographic shift.  For the first time in nearly 70 years, the Boomers were to be overtaken in their top spot as the most populous generation and replaced by the Millennials.   This very tech savvy generation was weaned on video games and computers.  They have been bombarded by branding messages since birth.  Traditional interruption based advertising just isn't effective for this group.  They are, however, "digitally connected". They're spending an average of 120-150 hours per month engaged with their mobile devices.

So why consider a TTP franchise?  TTP is the pioneer in franchising within the Mobile Marketing industry.  Even though mobile marketing is still in its infancy, mobile ad spending has already surpassed $68 billion annually.  It's projected to reach $100 billion by 2016, an incredible 400% increase from 2013.  Also in 2016, mobile ad spending is expected to take over the top spot in global ad spending from the current king of all advertising, television.  Smart device adoption is growing faster than any consumer technology in history.  It's growing ten times faster than the computer boom of the 1980s, and three times faster than the Internet boom of the 1990's.  Unfortunately, many small businesses have found it challenging to profitably engage consumers via a mobile platform.  TTP is the first company of its kind to create an effective strategy to monetize mobile marketing for small businesses. 

There are numerous advantages to owning a TTP Franchise.  It is a home-based business with flexible hours, low start-up costs, minimal staffing requirements, a low monthly overhead, high margins and is based on a recurring revenue model.

For more information visit or call toll-free at (855) 699-1010(855) 699-1010 FREE Ext. 105 and ask for Joe Ciamacco, Franchise Development Consultant.

Jerry Clum, Founder/CEO "Set the Trend, Don't Follow It."

Jerry Clum is the Founder & CEO of Top Ten Percent®.  He has a diverse 18-year career in franchising.  In addition to starting multiple franchise systems, he served as a consultant to other franchisors, has been a successful franchisee of 11 franchises, authored the book "Zero to $100 Million in Five Years," served on the Franchisor Forum of the IFA, was named as E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year™ in 2004 and inducted into the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. He holds a BS in Marketing and his MBA.


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