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Meineke Car Care Centers Franchise Business Soars


Feb 28, 2020

Newsweek just recognized Meineke Car Care Centers as the top choice in the US for customer service in auto repair. The franchise business auto brand has been focusing on customer approach and the in-store experience, with an emphasis on providing openness and transparency in its auto maintenance services.

This leading auto brand regularly conducts consumer research to better understand and deliver what customers are seeking from their auto repair and maintenance experience. In the course of this research, the brand discovered that customers wanted transparency in customer service; they wanted to fully understand the issues with their vehicle and what their options were and then be able to make an educated decision in an environment free of high pressure.

Meineke Vice President of Marketing Jeremy Putney said that one of the things the brand does to meet its customers' wishes is the eInspection, which is a detailed electronic inspection that allows the brand's professionals to discuss any car issues with customers so those customers know exactly what is wrong and what can be done. Customers receive a detailed report right to their email for review once their car has been inspected.

To communicate the focus on customer experience, the auto company adjusted its branding and launched a new ad campaign, which was inspired by how people felt when they thought about having their vehicle worked on. According to Putney, people feel vulnerable when their car needs service and they have to visit a repair shop, which is why Meineke is increasing transparency and focusing on meeting customers' needs.

The new sales campaign highlights that customers will only receive the repairs they need, much like a doctor would not do unnecessary medical treatment.

Currently, Meineke Car Care Centers--part of the leading global auto aftermarket franchiser Driven Brands--is seeking qualified individuals for its franchise opportunities in many markets.

Founded in 1972, this recognized brand has more than 800 centers and handles around 3 million cars annually. The initial investment for one of this auto leader's franchise opportunities ranges from $123,121 to $572,411.94.