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illuminate gym helps people take their first steps


Mar 11, 2013

 illuminate gym helps people take their first steps

DENVER—September 21, 2009—illuminate gym in Cherry Creek, Colorado was reminded why their business can be so much more than a money making venture.  At illuminate gym our franchisees have the capability to change people’s lives.

Last week a client working with a personal trainer made gains that were far greater than any ascetic goal or basic fitness goals.  illuminate gym had a client who made his way into illuminate gym with a cane dragging his foot behind him months ago in search of a change in his life.  The gentleman had been assaulted during a robbery at his house and had been struck from behind by a hammer which caused stroke like symptoms leaving him paralyzed on the left side of his body.  The gentleman fell into a deep depression because of his injuries and didn’t leave his house for years.  Then one day he made his way into illuminate gym.  He was greeted with a smile and he knew right away that illuminate gym was the place for him.  “It was a divine intervention to find illuminate…I just saw the name “illuminate” and I knew it was just what I needed,” the un-named client said.

The client has been working with his personal trainer Jamie Juergens for the past 7 months and has made incredible gains on the most basic of motor skills.  “It was fairly easy for us to get into ‘High Oxygen Training’ because he had no structural issues on his joints,” Jamie said because all of the client’s injuries were neurological. 

Today we are happy to announce that this client has gotten rid of his cane and his walking on his own without support.  Though we are proud to take the praises we also acknowledge the will of the client to push forward through the hardest of times to regain his ability to walk and really his ability to live again.  “This client has been such an inspiration to us all here at illuminate gym,” CPT Jamie Juergens said.

“This is an incredible story about the desire of the client to heal himself and the staff at illuminate gym’s ability to show him the way.  This is another example of how illuminate gym is really so much more than a business.  Our passion for helping people displays how success can be so much more than making money.  illuminate gym is an avenue for our franchisees and personal trainers to show people a better life.  It’s a place to become illuminated,” CEO and founder David Sedbrook said. 

On a side note the client wished to be anonymous because of his traumatic experience and an ongoing investigation into the violent crime committed against him.  At illuminate gym we respect all of our client’s anonymity but we thought this client’s story should be told and he agreed as long as we respected his privacy.  If you would like to read more about illuminate gym please go to