CruiseOne Franchise Announces Addition of the Dream Vacations Brand


Nov 19, 2015

World Travel Holdings’ CruiseOne®, a leading travel franchise, recently announced at its annual National Conference that it is adding the Dream Vacations brand travel franchise. While the official launch is planned for 2016’s second quarter, current franchisees can now decide to continue as CruiseOne or switch to Dream Vacations.

The franchise business’s new image aims to acknowledge that all of the company’s stakeholders, from franchisees to tour operators and resorts, are selling different vacation experience types. Cruises continue to be CruiseOne®’s primary business, but land vacations are also seeing increases annually, and the addition of the Dream Vacations brand recognizes the travel agent industry’s evolution. 

CruiseOne® Senior Vice President Debbie Fiorino noted that in 2011, the franchise business added “Dream Vacations Start Here” to the company’s messages to let customers know that franchisees sell more than just cruises. As the industry trends continue to change, per Fiorino, it’s natural for CruiseOne® to have a brand that reflects the different vacation types being sold.

The Dream Vacations franchise opportunity also represents CruiseOne®’s investment in growing franchisee land businesses. In 2014, the U.S. Travel Association did report that travel for leisure accounted for an estimated 78 percent of all domestic travel, and if this trend continues, land vacation franchises will continue to grow.

Fiorino spoke about the Dream Vacations brand, adding it was a beneficial move for all involved. The cruise lines will also benefit because they will be able to access the first-time cruise customer market by offering cruises to those who come for land vacations. Those who take advantage of the Dream Vacations franchise opportunity will have access to the same benefits, including support, marketing, and training, as current and incoming CruiseOne® franchisees.

CruiseOne®: A Leading Home-Based Travel Franchise

Started in 1992, CruiseOne® is among the top three percent of franchises globally and has received several accolades, such as “Partner of the Year” from all major cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean International® and Carnival® Cruise Lines. As part of the world’s biggest cruise agency, World Travel Holdings, CruiseOne® is positioned to offer customers the lowest possible pricing, and this is backed by its “Best Price and Satisfaction Guarantee.”

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