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Commercial Capital Training Group CEO Featured in Forbes as New York Innovator


Dec 09, 2015

Forbes Magazine has featured Commercial Capital Training Group founder and CEO Kris Roglieri in its November edition as one of the most innovative business leaders in New York State. According to Forbes, Roglieri could be viewed as one of the nation’s most productive when it comes to job creation and franchise opportunity.

Through his commercial lending businesses, Roglieri assisted more than 50,000 companies in raising the capital necessary to grow, expand and generate jobs. Roglieri, a founder of four companies that are now leaders in their industry, said he saw opportunities for those who could think outside the commercial lending market box two decades ago.

Roglieri is the founder of The Finance Marketing Group, Commercial Capital Training Group, and Prime Commercial Lending. He is also a co-founder of Durham Commercial Capital. All four businesses aim to help entrepreneurs who are working hard with their franchise or traditional business but unable to get help from banks.

Prime Commerical Lending, according to Roglieri, is a “one-stop” shopping approach for commercial franchise and traditional business customers. The company has financed more than $1.4 billion in loans since opening in 1998 and has more than 30 employees. The innovative leader says his products have customized solutions for commercial real estate investors and other companies as they look past credit scores and into what the future might mean for a company. Without the heavy bank regulations, says Roglieri, his companies are better positioned to meet the specific needs of their clients. 

Creating Entrepreneurs to Help Other Entrepreneurs

According to Roglieri, his commercial lending experience helped him look for new ways to help the industry grow and serve its clients more efficiently and completely. He founded Commercial Capital Training Group in 2009, and it is now a leading commercial loan broker education program. 

He also founded and The Finance Marketing Group the same year, and it’s one of the only companies focusing on digital marketing for commercial lenders and filling that niche. FGM has attracted many top commercial lenders who could not find the services they needed from typical digital marketing companies.

With more than 600 graduates, the CCTG is one of the only formal training programs around for people who want to learn commercial lending so they can start their own finance brokerage businesses. Participants can learn about the industry from veteran experts, meet top lenders, and learn how to market and start their own brokerage company.

Roglieri noted that his companies are not just helping people who want to start their own businesses; they are also creating them by virtue of the CCTG program. With commercial lending growing at a fast rate, there is a strong need for new entrants into the world of brokerage. His two commercial finance companies now finance more than $300 million dollars in loans annually and operate an investment business that focuses on real estate. 

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