White Science Franchise - Awarded Best Whitening Product" on Network TV


Mar 11, 2013

PR Log (Press Release) – Dec 03, 2009 – WhiteScience’s products are also used by the Stars, and have received “Best Product” awards at the PrimeTime Emmy’s and American Music Awards. Other Awards include "Best Whitening Product" on Network TV and in Life & Style Magazine. New Beauty magazine, the “beauty bible” of the cosmetic industry with a reputation for editorial quality and ethics, recently gave very favorable reviews of two of WhiteScience’s premier teeth whitening products, WhiteICE and SolarWhite in its Summer-Fall 2009 issue.

The WOW Experience

Whitening on Wheels (WOW) provides an opportunity for those seeking full-time income, yet desiring the luxury of being the boss and managing their own schedule. The WOW mobile teeth whitening business opportunity offers numerous advantages:

Low start-up costs and risk
Other teeth-whitening companies are built around setting people up in fixed retail locations. They may promote mobility, but their bulky equipment makes this option impractical.