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WSI Conducts a Digital Marketing - Mexico City


Mar 11, 2013

Mexico City, Mexico, January 18, 2010… More than 60 franchise offices of WSI, the world’s #1 franchise providing Internet marketing solutions, convened at the Crown Plaza Hotel on January 14 and 15, 2010 for a digital marketing “think tank” event in Mexico City. The 2-day information exchange session allowed local franchise offices to share leading edge digital marketing strategies related to lead generation, search marketing, social media optimization, content marketing and online brand reputation.

Francois Muscat, a recognized Internet and search marketing expert in South Africa, facilitated the strategy exchange. Leading the online marketing industry in his region, Muscat is a sought-after speaker at Internet marketing conferences worldwide and has presented at numerous international seminars.

Ron McArthur, President of WSI, says, “It’s evident that we’re in the realm of digital marketing now, especially with the emergence of new media tools and technologies. Today, businesses can communicate with their target audience using a number of online channels. A well-strategized digital marketing plan helps companies communicate with their audience in real-time, ultimately building their credibility and enhancing brand reputation. This strategy sharing event allowed local franchise offices in Mexico City to collaborate by sharing advanced Internet marketing techniques.”

Each “think tank” participant expanded their expertise by exchanging digital marketing strategies and best practices, including lead generation, online credibility, customer communication, content marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization and exploring creative ways with which their customers in Mexico can benefit from digital marketing. Attendees discussed strategies on how businesses can utilize social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to expand the reach of their messages, create user-generated publicity and increase their customer base. WSI recently conducted a similar expert exchange event in Monterrey, and have done so all over the world to offer its franchise network a platform for collaboration on leading edge Internet marketing tactics.

Carlos Guzman, WSI Area Representative for Southern Mexico, says, “This was an extremely productive ‘think tank’ event, as the many great minds of digital marketing came together to share their ‘success secrets’. I was very impressed with the amount of expertise and the value of the information that was shared, especially by Francois Muscat, WSI’s South African leading Internet expert. This strategy exchange event will help equip local franchisees to execute advanced digital media techniques for their clients, as well as open a great opportunity for Mexican businesses to partner with any of the WSI Consultants and take advantage of these leading edge digital marketing strategies .”