Mar 11, 2013

North American Business Network, Women Empowered by Business,
Features Resources and Relationships for Starting or Strengthening
Women-Owned Franchise Businesses

Southbury, Conn. - Women are choosing business ownership as a career option more and more according to statistics from The Center for Women’s Business. The 2008 projections show that there are 10.1 million firms in the U.S. that are 50% or more owned by a woman, providing 13 million jobs and generating nearly $2 trillion in revenues. These women-owned companies represent 40% of all privately-held firms. With women-owned businesses on the rise, there becomes a need for business-savvy support group such as Women Empowered by Business® (WEBB) , which aims to mobilize entrepreneurial women into franchising and once there, support their careers and the profitable growth of their businesses with dynamic resources and networking.

“Franchising is another sector where women are making their mark. Industry statistics report that women owned 25 percent of U.S. franchises in 2005, and that number continues to grow,” says Lori Tyll, founder and visionary of WEBB. “WEBB is a platform designed for women where we take a positive, encouraging approach to referring business, advising and challenging each other,” she added. Tyll says participation is a low pressure commitment with a high return, including:

1) Monthly Online Seminars Featuring Business Experts
Topics range from marketing and lead generation to discussions on the best books to boost your business IQ. The next Webinar event will feature Art Mulligan of The McKellan Group as he speaks about the power of networking on Oct. 16, 2008 at 2 p.m., EST.
2) Mastermind Groups
Women can plug into vibrant networking and business peer advocacy sessions on a weekly or monthly basis, without leaving the office.

3) Access to Business Coaching Support with Expertise in Franchising
Receive business coaching support when considering the purchases of a franchise, or wanting to increase the performance of your current business.

4) Learn by Example
Learn from the many success stories shared by women who have made successful careers in single-ownership or multi-unit franchising.

5) Connections with Women’s Leadership Conference of Sister organizations
Make connections with The IFA’s Women’s Franchise Committee holds its annual meeting at the San Diego IFA convention, Feb. 14, 2009.

6) Charity Reach-Out
As an organization with a heart, WEBB reached out to various charities through fundraising events. Recent recipients include FINCA, Susan G. Komen and Habitat for Humanity.

WEBB was launched in 2006 sponsored by FranchisEsourceBrands International (FSBI), a multi-brand Business Coaching franchisor with high-performance brands dedicated to the advancement of the entrepreneur and those who aspire to be one. WEBB has taken hold in more than 20 states and Canada and has a growing number of franchisor sponsors.

At its annual conference in Miami in September, FSBI’s new strategic partner and New York Times best-selling author Michael Gerber addressed WEBB members and sponsors, along with others, on how the partnership will impact and transform franchises and small business worldwide. At the conference, WEBB also hosted a fundraiser to support FINCA International, a financial services resource for the world’s lowest-income entrepreneurs. WEBB’s main sponsor, FSBI, matched the monies raised and several thousands of dollars were sent to FINCA providing loans for aspiring women entrepreneurs in third world countries.

As more and more women seek franchising as a career option, additional corporate sponsorships are available to help expand and advance WEBB’s mission as a one stop resource for women franchise professionals. Sponsorship of this dynamic, industry-specific organization will help companies attract talented women into franchising and support them as they grow their businesses.

Women Empowered by Business (WEBB) is a dynamic organization and a one source resource for businesswomen in the franchising industry designed to advance knowledge, create and support self-sufficiency, build leadership, and be an empowering source for the development of women’s careers through franchise ownership.