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Velocity Sports Performance Opens For Business In Chandler, Arizona


Mar 11, 2013

Chandler, AZ – Velocity Sports Performance, specializing in advanced sports performance training for athletes of all ages and skill levels, today announced the grand opening of its newest location on Monday, October 24th, in Chandler, AZ. Located at 3201 S. Gilbert Rd, Chandler AZ 85286, Chandler is the latest of over 40 facilities to open nationwide, making Velocity Sports Performance one of the fastest growing sports performance franchises in the country.

Velocity Sports Performance defines sports performance training and has built a business devoted to training athletes in every sport, at all ages and all skill levels. Athletes of any caliber can realize their potential through advanced training programs, scientifically designed to maximize human sports performance. Velocity Sports Performance offers athletes from age eight through adult, semi-private and team-based sports performance training designed to help them increase speed, power and agility, while reducing the risk of sports-related injuries.

At Velocity Sports Performance only the best coaches are hired. Velocity Sports Performance requires its coaches to have a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science or a related field, and to have coached at the collegiate level or beyond. Additionally, training in small groups allows more personal one-on-one attention between coach and athlete, which ensures that each athlete will be able to get the instructions they need in order to improve.

Velocity Sports Performance enjoys strategic relationships with nationally respected organizations such as Under Armour, Combine360, USA Football, ESPN Rise, STACK Media, and Gatorade. The company also offers worldwide franchise opportunities and provides world-class franchise training and ongoing support.

"I'm thrilled to bring a Velocity Sports Performance training center to Chandler," said owner Ryan Van Alfen. "We know Velocity Sports Performance will help local sports enthusiasts develop a competitive edge with regards to speed, agility and strength."

The 11,000 square foot facility is located in City, and include a 25 x 35 yard indoor turf field, four, Olympic platform areas and a 1,100 square foot state-of-the-art strength training area. Clients can take advantage of dedicated adult fitness classes and specialized equipment, which includes a computerized analysis of their athleticism and progress, and the center, will also offer physical therapy.

"Until now, there was an underserved market in this area in terms of age-appropriate performance training for younger athletes." says Sports Performance Director Chandler Herdt. "It used to be that sports performance training programs were only available to professional and collegiate athletes, but today athlete's start training earlier and preparing to meet their dreams of playing elite sports. Velocity Sports Performance programs are specifically designed to give kids a foundation for reaching their greatest athletic potential in a safe and supervised environment, while putting the ‘fun' back into their activities. Meanwhile, parents will see their kids' self confidence grow."

Injury Prevention
Three million youths suffer sports related injuries annually, 25% of which require emergency room visits, according to the American Society of Pediatric Medicine. It is important for all athletes, especially youth athletes, to receive training in order to keep them safe on the field, improve their abilities, and still have fun playing sports.

"The level of competition in sports, particularly youth sports, has dramatically increased in recent years and training is important for both maximum performance and injury prevention," says Chandler Herdt Sports Performance Director. "Our program addresses performance improvement, life-long fitness, injury prevention and love of sports. We bring expertise in proper strength and conditioning techniques to lower the risk of injury and enhance athletic performance for pros and student athletes alike."

Science-based Training
Velocity Sports Performance's scientifically-based training is designed to improve the athletic ability of all age groups, genders and athletic skill levels:
  • Student Athletes, ages 8 to 18
  • Recreational Adult Athletes
  • Elite Amateur Athletes
  • Professional Athletes Occupational Athletes (Firefighters, Police Officers, Military, etc.)
"We teach athletes the science behind speed and athletics, allowing them to gain maximum power and decrease their chance of injuries," says Loren Seagrave, founder of Velocity Sports Performance. "Our goal is to provide a safe, positive environment that promotes long-term psychological and physical development, leading to increased confidence, character and overall life success."

Coach Seagrave is regarded as one of the most renowned speed and sports performance coaches in the world. His specialties include human performance optimization, health and wellness, and greater quality and enjoyment of life through lifestyle and eating behavior modification. Coach Seagraves's holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to performance optimization has earned him acclaim from athletes and coaches throughout the world of sports. He is considered one of the leading experts of applied sports science to today's high performance athlete. Seagrave has a reputation in Track and Field as one of the best sprint and hurdle coaches in the world and works with elite professional athletes from a wide spectrum of professional sports including football, baseball, basketball, soccer and ice hockey. Seagrave has worked as a speed and conditioning coach with the Atlanta Falcons, the Detroit Lions and other NFL teams. Some of his NFL pupils include Dorsey Levens (Packers); Marco Coleman (Redskins); Willie Clay (Saints); Terrell Davis (Broncos); and Herschel Walker. Coach Seagrave worked with numerous distance runners and triathletes concentrating on increasing running efficiency and decreasing oxygen cost of running.

The center will also offer two specialized programs such as:
  • Velocity Sports Performance Adult Fitness and Bootcamps, adult targeted programs, which deliver fast-paced, high-energy workouts structured for total body conditioning no matter the participant's age or fitness level. Throughout the programs, strength, cardio and flexibility tests are used to gauge progress. Every Velocity Sports Performance Adult Fitness workout includes: Active Dynamic Warm-up, Energy System Development and Strength Training.
Athletes typically train two to three times a week, in groups no larger than eight athletes per coach, so that clients receive individualized coaching and personal attention. The athletes are grouped by age and skill level to best motivate and encourage training at optimal levels. For more information or to set up your free trial session, call 480.745.8999 or visit the local Velocity Sports Performance center at 3201 S. Gilbert Rd, Chandler AZ 85286.

About Velocity Sports Performance
Velocity Sports Performance, the industry leader in providing advanced sports performance training for athletes of all skill levels and ages, was founded in 1999 by world-renowned coach Loren Seagrave, a five-time NCAA champion coach who trained Olympic, professional, and college athletes. At Velocity Sports Performance, athletes of any skill level from age eight through adult can realize their potential through advanced training programs taught by degreed and certified coaches, scientifically designed to increase speed, power, and agility, while reducing the risk of sports-related injuries. Velocity Sports Performance is the Official Provider of Under Armour Combine360 Athletic Assessments. There are over 40 Velocity Sports Performance facilities across the United States, each with an average of 19,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities. Please visit for more information on training programs and franchise opportunities.