Two Franchisees from Maui Wowi Hawaiian Honored as the 2008 Client of the Year by The Entrepreneur's | Be The Boss

Two Franchisees from Maui Wowi Hawaiian Honored as the 2008 Client of the Year by The Entrepreneur's


Mar 11, 2013

DENVER, CO – (November 3, 2008) – Two strong-willed, determined entrepreneurs wanting to own a Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies franchise, were chosen as the 2008 Client of the Year by The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES) at their annual Conference.

Each year The Entrepreneur's Source (TES) looks for that one placement out of thousands, who best exemplifies the relationship and spirit between Coach and Franchise Prospect. This year TES had to go Hawaiian to find the perfect story.

“The U.S. franchise industry offers many opportunities for individuals like us,” says Chuck Courtemanche, Maui Wowi Franchisee. “Because of our Business Coach at E-Source Suzanne Gray and Maui Wowi Hawaiian Development Manager Justin Livingston, we are now proud business owners, can take care of our families, live a simpler more flexible life, and have everything we've ever dreamed of,” he added.

The process, however, was not that simple. Chuck Courtemanche and Tony Beaulieu wanted to start a business desperately, but had little resources to invest at the time. TES Coach Suzanne Gray and Maui Wowi Development Manager Justin Livingston knew that because of the energy and drive Chuck and Tony exhibited, they had to make this work. Maui Wowi had a franchisee who, because of a personal situation, needed to sell his franchise. Merging these two groups together seemed like a match made in heaven...and it was.

“Watching this story play out and seeing the sacrifices made by everyone involved to make some dreams come true, was truly inspirational. This is the type of story that truly embraces the Aloha Spirit and defines what we are all about at Maui Wowi Hawaiian. To help Chuck and Tony realize their dreams and to assist our franchisee when he needed it most, was an honor for me. This is why I get up every day, slip on the flip flops, and go to work.” said Justin Livingston.

Justin Livingston as the Development Manager was given the exclusive opportunity to talk about Maui Wowi Hawaiian to the TES crowd of over 350 Coaches. According to Justin, it took no time at all to get the crowd to embrace our Aloha Spirit and leave wanting more Maui Wowi Hawaiian. "Nothing compares to hearing a booming Aloha from 350 Non-Maui Wowi people in suits, dresses and tuxes. It just doesn't get better than that." says Justin Livingston.

About Maui Wowi Hawaiian Maui Wowi Hawaiian is the only franchise that offers authentic, natural Hawaiian products, fresh-fruit smoothies, blended Hawaiian coffee beverages, and genuine Hawaiian lifestyle products. Founded in 1983, Maui Wowi Hawaiian has experienced tremendous growth to include nearly 500 franchised units in its worldwide franchise Ohana, or family. This earth-friendly company celebrates its Aloha Spirit by embracing the values of family, harmony and balanced living while striving to abide by the principles of sustainable living.