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The Zoo Health Club is now open in Gonzales Louisiana!


Mar 11, 2013

The Zoo Health Club is now open for business in Gonzales Louisiana and the members couldn’t be happier. After months of planning and construction, business is booming and word has spread fast.

The owners of The Zoo Health Club in Gonzales have set new records for pre sales. They managed to sign up more than 1,800 members before they opened the doors. The huge amount of members can be attributed to their marketing strategy and sales acumen.

The Zoo Health Club Gonzales is one of the first Zoo franchises to implement a $10.00 per month membership option. Affordable pricing is the key to getting the potential members to come in.

The owners at the Zoo in Gonzales have implemented some tried and true marketing techniques with postcards, flyers and door hangers. They have also capitalized on the social media phenomenon by acquiring nearly 1,000 members to their Facebook page. Social media has become one of the most important facets of most businesses marketing plans.

The franchisees at the Zoo Health Club in Gonzales have hit the nail on the head when it comes to social media marketing. The Facebook page has been instrumental in not only generating interest from members, but has kept everyone informed of progress throughout the presale.

Now that the club is open, members are voicing their opinions and interacting directly with the owners of the club. This certainly brings personalized service to the Zoo Health Club Gonzales and may not have been possible without social networking! This is sure to set the Zoo Health Club apart from the competition.

The members at the Zoo Health Club in Gonzales Louisiana are enjoying top of the line equipment. They are using Matrix equipment for most of the cardio workouts along with Hoist and Matrix for strength training. There is no real competition with other health clubs. The few clubs that are in the area are smaller with older equipment, no amenities and a higher price point. The Zoo Health Club in Gonzales dominates the market with brand new top of the line equipment, exercise classes, child care, a juice bar and the lowest prices in town.

The group fitness classes at the Zoo Health Club Gonzales have become an instant success as well. Members are enjoying Zumba, Spinning and circuit training with additional classes planned for the future.

We see a bright future for the Zoo Health Club in Gonzales Louisiana. They are on track to exceed the 2,000 member mark any day. We wish them continued success and are proud to have them as a part of the Zoo Health Club family of franchisees.