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The Weight Watchers Jennifer Hudson Center Opens Today in the Star's Hometown


Mar 11, 2013

CHICAGO, Weight Watchers International, Inc. today announced the opening of the Weight Watchers Jennifer Hudson Center in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. Weight Watchers' mission is to inspire Americans to adopt healthier lifestyles. The continued rise in obesity is a reality that the city of Chicago shares with the rest of our country. With this new center, Weight Watchers is investing in the future of the Hyde Park neighborhood in suburban Cook County where they have reported that 63%--or 1.5 million residents--are overweight or obese.(1)

This is the first time that Weight Watchers has put one of its brand ambassadors' names on a center. It serves as a concrete symbol of Weight Watchers' commitment to Jennifer Hudson, her healthy lifestyle, and her community. To further its support of Hudson and to the city of Chicago, Weight Watchers will donate a portion of the Center's proceeds to the Julian D. King Gift Foundation.

?This new Center honors Jennifer's commitment, and we hope, demonstrates how dedicated we are to her as our partner,? said Dave Burwick, President, Weight Watchers North America. ?We hope that this will be the first of many centers in neighborhoods where obesity is as critical as it is in Hyde Park and Weight Watchers can continue to make an impact.?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel expressed his support of Weight Watchers' commitment and helped cut the ribbon on the new Center today. ?I am committed to creating an environment in Chicago where residents can live, work, raise their families and thrive,? said Mayor Emanuel. ?Weight Watchers' commitment to Chicago not only spurs economic development but also promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for communities across the City.?

?I am honored that Weight Watchers has put my name on a center in my hometown of Hyde Park in the city of Chicago,? said Hudson. ?Weight Watchers has helped make my new lifestyle a reality by teaching me the tools I needed to be successful. I hope this Center and my story continue to serve as an inspiration to others to begin their own journey toward a healthier lifestyle. I am also so grateful to Weight Watchers for giving a portion of this center's proceeds to my Foundation.?

The mission of the Julian D. King Gift Foundation is to provide stability and positive experiences for children of all backgrounds so that they may grow to become productive, confident and happy adults, able to be positive influences on their communities. The work of the Foundation will be carried out through fund raising events, the content and proceeds of which will be used to support and encourage the positive development of children.

The Weight Watchers Jennifer Hudson Center is one of 400 Centers rolling out this year nationwide with a new design and longer hours. The vibrant Centers are conveniently located in popular shopping areas and will be open during typical retail store hours, offering the greatest convenience and accessibility for members. The new design creates an atmosphere conducive to a comfortable, warm and inviting weight loss experience. These Centers are another part of Weight Watchers continued improvements and were designed to make member's experience at Weight Watchers a more enjoyable one while inspiring them to succeed in their journey, as Jennifer Hudson has.

This Center opens for business tonight at 5:30 PM, and is located at 1350 E. 47th St., Suite 135, Chicago, IL.

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