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Subway Franchise - How much does a Subway Franchise Cost?


Mar 11, 2013

PR Log (Press Release) – Jan 26, 2010 – Subway Franchise Information, Cost | Author: Jack Black | Category: Franchise
Subway have 24210 restaurants in 83 countries seeing continual growth since they began in 2001. In 2002 Sold in excess of 4000 franchises all over the world. The brand is well recognized. The product is a range of healthy sandwiches made to order with a choice of fresh gourmet breads and wide variety of fillings.

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For the past 16 years Entrepreneur magazine has ranked the Subway franchise the number one consistantly, this was a survery of US based franchises. Total Business magazine rated Subway as the number one franchise throughout Europe.

An interesting fact is that 70% of Subway franchises are sold to existing owner, which again implies this is a very strong franchise opportunity. Total start-up for a Subway franchise will be at least $90,000(US) which is relatively cheap compared to like franchises. The reason for this is the operation requires only compact facilities to run, the decor is simple and equipment can be supplied factory direct.

The company will provide you with help and advice on: product formulas, operational assistance, design of the store, equipment. They will also provide you with a training manual, operations manual, an on site rep when you initially open, and evalutions and continual support.

On your side of things you will be required to make leasehold improvements, to lease the equipment, hire employees, day to day running of the restaurant. Fees include 8% royalty fee with an extra 3.5% to contribute to an advertising fund.