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Signature Lead Company Launches The Opportunity of a Lifetime That’s Guaranteed to Change Your Life!


Mar 11, 2013

San Diego, CA, Oct. 15, 2009
After 2 decades of extreme success, Signature Lead Company has launched a business opportunity that can change your life in a very short time As you have probably already found out, there are very few legitimate business opportunities that offers you a real chance to succeed as a business. You know better than anyone that it can cost you a lot of money to buy into a business, that gives you no guarantees. Therefore, why spend $50,000, $25,000 or even $10,000 for a franchise or business opportunity that requires you to work 60 - 80 hours a week to barely get by, when you can have a legitimate money making business for only $499.00! That’s right only $499.00! At this amazing low price, have nothing to lose and only profits to gain when you become part of the Signature Lead Company team!

Signature Lead Company is giving you the opportunity to become an affiliate and owning your own company by setting up a private label through Signature Lead Company. You pay us NO monthly fees, percentage of profits, or royalties. The profits you make is what earn and take home! This gives you the chance to have your own complete turnkey business that you can run out of an office or your home, part-time or full-time that has no inventory and residual incomes that can give you incredible profits. We provide you with everything you need for success!

Signature Lead Company is multi-sourced list provider that offers marketing leads, mailing lists, and email lists to virtually every type of business including non-profit organizations. These organizations are always in need of good fresh data and the success of their business depends on it. Because of this demand, your job as a list provider is a necessity for most businesses, therefore welcoming your business efforts, unlike most other professions.

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