Minuteman Press Owner goes above and beyond to help rebuild a broken Country | Be The Boss

Minuteman Press Owner goes above and beyond to help rebuild a broken Country


Mar 11, 2013

Farmingdale, NY (04/05/2011) - Joanne Miner, owner of the Minuteman Press Center in Miramar, FL has gone above and behind her call of duty when it comes to the relief efforts for Haiti. Since the earthquake left Haiti in a state of devastation, Joanne and her church have traveled to Haiti twice to help rebuild the country. On June 10th, 2011, Joanne will be embarking on her 3rd trip to Haiti, this time to help build desks for the school of a local church that they have a relationship with.

The area where the church is located was not directly affected by the earthquake, but since has been overrun with refugees. They are going to build desks to make sure that the children, who now go to the school, all have a place to call their own while learning. While there Joanne also plans to help teach some programs to the children too. Joanne and her church group will spend about a week in Haiti and plan to go back sometime soon to continue to assist in it's rebuilding.

Not only has Joanne traveled to Haiti since the earthquake, but she has continued to lend a hand at home in Miramar, FL by sewing clothing and sending the articles to the refugee's. This time she said they are bringing aprons with them to give out.

Minuteman Press is proud to call Joanne one of our owners. Whether it is running her Minuteman Press center, or doing relief work for a broken country, Joanne puts her heart and soul into everything she does. We wish her continued success and a safe journey for her upcoming trip!