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McDonald's Franchise to Make Fast Food Green


Mar 11, 2013

PR Log (Press Release) – Jan 29, 2010 – It's not easy going green, but California might soon get its first eco-friendly McDonald's, the Press-Enterprise reported.

Tom and Candace Spiel, owners of McSpi Inc., which operates nine McDonald's franchises in southern California, are planning to tear down their Riverside, Calif., restaurant and rebuild with an eye on the environment.

"Someone needs to be early adoptees of the latest and best practices, and we're looking to see what we can do to make a positive impact on our community and our environment. This seems like one step forward in that direction," Candace Spiel told Slashfood.

"For example, we're using permeable pavers to lessen runoff and let the rainwater go back into the ground water. We're using solar to generate energy and minimize our usage on the electrical grid, LED lighting and an energy management system," she said. "Our goal is to use the latest in technology and implement it into our restaurant."

The building has been in the works for about two years and the Spiels hope to tear down the existing structure later this year, the paper reported.

"This particular location for us was our first franchisee restaurant. We actually opened this restaurant in 1966. Its in our hometown and so we chose it. Its an emotional thing," Candace told Slashfood.

It's also a way to give back to their community and to the planet.

"As a community, as a country, as a world, we're going to continue to move forward and make a positive impact on our environment," she said. "If we're going to make solar work someone has to use the technology that's out there... make it more financially viable. Its not something we have to do but its something that we wanted to do. We feel like it's the right thing for our community."

They're looking to get Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification (LEED) -- a measure of a building's environmental-friendliness. McDonald's franchises in Chicago, Savannah, Ga., and Cary, N.C., have been given LEED certification, the Press-Enterprise reported.

For their part, the Spiels hope the project is profitable and they see a return on their investment. "If we don't, no one else is going to do this again," Candace Spiel told the paper.