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Maui Wowi Hawaiian Shines the 'Aloha Spirit' on Phelan, CA


Mar 11, 2013

Greenwood Village, CO - Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies is excited to announce the opening of their newest fixed retail location in Phelan, CA. The store is owned by franchisees Michael and Darlene McQuown and shares a commercial space with an independently owned video store. Michael and Darlene said they have been continuously busy since the opening and their staff has been hard at work spreading the 'Aloha Spirit!'

"The crew has really come into their own, and they're doing an amazing job," said Michael. He also has the support of the community behind them. "The fire department is coming in daily for the 'cup of Joe' in the morning and for refills of smoothies in Tiki cups during the afternoon. We have sold over 400 Tiki cups in two weeks," said Michael.

Michael and Darlene started their journey with the Maui Wowi Hawaiian franchise system in 2008 with one mobile unit called a Ka'anapali Cart. They worked events throughout their community and quickly gained a following as the brand began to grow in popularity. With the support of the school system and local residents, Michael and Darlene decided it was time to open their first fixed Maui Wowi Hawaiian retail location.

The store is located in an active strip mall in the town of Phelan, CA, which is about 90 minutes from Los Angeles. Michael said, "We are starting to see a shift out here because customers who used to travel to the nearest town of Victorville, a thirty minute drive, are now coming in not only to pick up their kids at the local school...but as one woman said it best, 'You know, I couldn't bring myself to go to Starbucks after I had your caramel mocha delight!'"

About Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies:
Before the days of big Hawaiian resort hotels and fiberglass surfboards, surfers spent long, lazy days partaking in the tasty waves of the North Shore beaches. As the legends of the surfers grew, many were drawn to the healthy, carefree lifestyle of Hawaii. Since 1982, Maui Wowi Hawaiian has been spreading the 'Aloha Spirit' across the world with its premium Hawaiian coffees, all-natural fresh fruit smoothies and authentic Hawaiian products. From event carts, mall kiosks and stand-alone retail locations, Maui Wowi Hawaiian operates 575 locations worldwide. For more information about Maui Wowi Hawaiian's flexible, low cost franchising opportunities, visit

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