Mar 11, 2013


Dubai Enterprises LLC Sets Plan For Fixed Locations,
Kiosks and Carts in Middle East’s Most Prosperous Economy

DENVER, CO – (DATE) – Maui Wowi Hawaiian, the premier destination for authentic Hawaiian products on the mainland, announced today it has expanded its worldwide corporate “ohana” (family) to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through the signing of a new master franchise agreement with Dubai Enterprises LLC.  The agreement extends the Maui Wowi Hawaiian brand to an exciting new region of the globe and further strengthens the reach of one of the best-known smoothie, coffee and Hawaiian product franchises.

Dubai Enterprises, led by Partner and General Manager Yahya Almazrouei, is a diversified real estate development firm ($20 million USD portfolio) that also owns and operates franchises and distributorships in a number of industries.  The company’s restaurant interests are managed by Director of Operations Khaled Shokry.  Mr. Shokry is a 20-year veteran of the food and beverage industry, with experience gained through leadership positions at Yum International (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell) and Fired Up, Inc. (Johnny Carino’s).

 “Maui Wowi Hawaiian offers products and specialty beverages that will suit the changing tastes in the UAE.  But even more, its unique and appealing personality, based on the charm of Hawaiian culture, makes it very exciting,” said Mr. Shokry.  “We believe the flexibility of Maui Wowi Hawaiian—a concept that has been proven to work in carts, in kiosks, as well as in fixed store locations—will suit our company’s expansion plans very well.”

Maui Wowi met Mr. Shokry at the U.S. Franchise Development Conference which took place in Cairo, Egypt on October 24-25, 2007.  The objective of the conference, sponsored by the U.S. Commercial Service and Egypt’s International Economic Forum, was to introduce new American franchise concepts to countries in the region. 

Dubai Enterprises intends to open its own chain of Maui Wowi retail outlets as well as to sell its own sub-franchises to entrepreneurs throughout the UAE.  The first locations are anticipated to open on Sheikh Zayad Road in the heart of Dubai’s business and hotel district, and in the Emirates Mall.  Future locations under consideration include the Dubai Mall and Metro Dubai train stations.

“Yahya Almazrouei, Khaled Shokry and the entire Dubai Enterprises team are an excellent fit for Maui Wowi Hawaiian.  They understand and appreciate the appeal of our brand, and they see the potential of our concept in a region that is virtually exploding in economic activity,” said Lisa Bolton, Director of International Operations for Maui Wowi Hawaiian.  “The ability for us to sign this master franchise in a new part of the world further demonstrates the cross-cultural power of the Aloha Spirit that is embodied in Maui Wowi Hawaiian.”

Maui Wowi Hawaiian is the only one-stop destination for authentic Hawaiian products outside the 50th State.  In addition to serving premium Hawaiian Kona-blend coffee, espresso and cappuccino, as well as its healthy fruit smoothie drinks blended to order wikiwiki, Maui Wowi stores and free-standing units offer a full selection of genuine Hawaiian lifestyle merchandise. 

Most of all, Maui Wowi Hawaiian is known for its Aloha Spirit, adhering to the values of family, harmony, and balanced living.  The company is committed to an environmentally-aware philosophy that abides by the principles of sustainable living.

In addition to its new Maui Wowi Hawaiian venture, Dubai Enterprises owns and operates companies in different fields, such as Dubai Enterprises Properties (real estate) and King Tut Restaurants, as well as distributorships in Japanese products (Pioneer – industrial plasma - for Dubai and North Emirates) and German products (Hansgrohe - kitchen/bath fixtures - for Dubai and North Emirates).  Dubai Enterprises also owns Green Concept, a major commercial landscaping company, and GRM Flora (wholesale flowers) in partnership with GRM International, a well-known Australian company.

United Arab Emirates is a highly developed economic power with the world’s fifth highest per capita GDP.  Less than 20% of its population of 4.44 million are UAE citizens, making the country one of the most diverse on the planet.  Its highly educated residents enjoy food on-the-go—in fact, “consumer ready” products account for 75% of all retail food sold.

About Maui Wowi Hawaiian
Maui Wowi Hawaiian is the only franchise that offers authentic, natural Hawaiian products, fresh-fruit smoothies, blended Hawaiian coffee beverages, and genuine Hawaiian lifestyle stuff. Founded in 1983, Maui Wowi Hawaiian has experienced meteoric growth to include nearly 500 franchised units in its worldwide franchise ohana, or family.  This earth-friendly company celebrates its Aloha Spirit by embracing the values of family, harmony and balanced living while striving to abide by the principles of sustainable living.  For more information, please visit