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MAC Tools - A Journey Worth Your Lifetime


Mar 11, 2013

At Mac Tools, you’ll find a respected and innovative company that works tirelessly to help you reach your goals as a Professional Mac Tools Distributor.  With your own mobile store and unique territory it could be just the career that you’ve been seeking.

To get you started we can arrange for financing up to 100% (for qualified candidates) to handle everything you will need.  Plus, there are no franchise fees or royalties.  This is a significant benefit to you and a business model that is distinctly different than our competitors.  When you invest in a Mac Tools Distributorship, you are investing in a career and your own business.  Your initial investment and ongoing career provides:

  • A unique territory and specified route consisting of 325 customers
  • Your Mac Tools Truck, new or refurbished depending on your investment level
  • An initial inventory of high transaction selling tools
  • Working capital to help your business grow
  • Sales aids, displays, and other important marketing materials
  • Training and mentoring to get you started...and keep you growing
  • MBA (Mobile Business Assistant) business software
  • Ongoing field support for new product information and new business tools
  • National Marketing Support
  • Access to special programs like Mac Card™ and Macstravaganza to jump start sales and help you build relationships with your customers
  • Mac Performance Rewards to reward you for your contributions annuallly
  • ...And much, much, more!

Being a Mac Tools Distributor is a life-changing opportunity and commitment.  We believe it is A Journey Worth Your Lifetime.  It gives you the freedom and responsiblity to go as far and as high as your own abilities and hard work will take you.  You are on the road and master of your own fate, yet you are part of a company and a community with an esteemed heritage, innovative Strategies for growth, and one that is completely dedicated to your success.

As you move forward and when you have made your decision to become a Mac Tools Distributor, an on-boarding process will begin.  We will work closely with you with approvals all along the way in an easy to follow, step by step process, until your journey begins:

Step 1:             Submit your request for consideration to become an authorized Mac Tools Distributor
Step 2:             Complete our Distributor Personality Profile Assessment
Step 3:             Complete the Distributorship Application
Step 4:             Interview with your Mac Tools District Manager partner
Step 5:             Investigate potential financing options..we will work right along with you
Step 6:             Set a plan for the start of your business and participate in a new Distributor assessment profile
Step 7:             Spend a day of discovery with a new Mac Tools Distributor
Step 8:             Successfully pass new start background requirements (Background, Safe Driving, Drug Screen)
Step 9:             Investigate and select your new mobile store
Step 10:            Set up your new business for success (computer, sales tax, checking account,etc.)
Step 11:            Spend one week with a Mac Tools Mentor for a quick start to learning prior to school
Step 12:            Tool School!  We can’t wait to meet you in person!

...graduate and you are on your way to a new future! 
Congratulations your journey has begun!


Remember, only you can decide if being a Mac Tools Distributor is right for you.  If it is then don’t wait.  Call today and get started!!!