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In View Golf, a state-of-the-art Indoor Driving Range


Mar 11, 2013

In View Golf, a state-of-the-art Indoor Driving Range, Golf Course Simulation, and Instructional facility, announces the launch of its franchise division. In View Golf Franchise is a one-of-a-kind, turn-key golf business opportunity with a proven business model and small start-up investment. With indoor golf growing in all locations, this is the perfect opportunity to combine one’s passion for golf and the desire to own one’s own business. And, with the recent advancements in laser and computer technology, it is now possible for everyone to access golf swing data previously available to only PGA and LPGA touring professionals.

Each franchise facility will house multiple private practice bays equipped with Golf Achiever launch monitors, Golf Achiever Golf Course Simulation Software- GASIM, and Golf Achiever's Video Analysis Software - GAVAS. The ultimate teaching experience is complete through the use of Golf Achiever's unparalleled accuracy in club, ball and swing performance. With the use of GAVAS, capturing and replaying the customer's swing, enables instructors to easily analyze and improve their student's golf game with better efficiency. Each facility also incorporates large LCD displays in every bay as well as putting greens to cover every facet of the Golfer's game improvement.

At In View Golf, you are able improve your game night or day, hot or cold, rain or shine. You can stop by to loosen up before a round, after a long day on the links, or during your lunch hour. It is always 72 degrees with a slight breeze at In View Golf.

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