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IN2IT Nutrition & Fitness Franchise Launches Global Expansion Into Nigeria


Mar 11, 2013

San Diego, California (March 28, 2012) /PRNewswire/ Dennis Rieder, President & CEO of IN2IT Franchising, Inc, announced today that the company has granted an exclusive master franchise for the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“The franchising movement in Nigeria is quickly picking up momentum as public officials increasingly embrace franchising as a means of empowering local entrepreneurs and, in turn, spurring Nigerian small and medium enterprise growth,” said Carl Kosnar, Managing Partner of The Kosnar Group, international franchise development consultants for IN2IT Franchising, Inc.

At the opening of the third Empowerment Expo at the National Theatre, in Iganmu, Lagos, Nigeria, Mr. Anayo Agu, Senior Commercial Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service, and Director of Strategic Planning, Nigerian International Franchise Association (NIFA) stated that, “Franchising is the most cost-effective model of business expansion in existence because anybody can duplicate a proven system with proper training. It helps to overcome the initial pitfalls of becoming an entrepreneur. It creates grassroots development and will facilitate economic empowerment, skills acquisition, and education in Nigeria.”

“Mr. Agu has been enormously helpful in guiding our entry into the Nigerian market in matters concerning NAFDAC Registration in Nigeria, intellectual property rights laws, and the logistics of shipping our products into the country. ” added Kosnar.

Mr. Agu predicted a robust market for the unique IN2IT business model combining a retail nutrition store and gym in one facility due to the growing middle class sector of the Nigerian population and its interest in a healthy diet and physical exercise. A conservative view suggests the age bracket for people in the middle class group typically will be between 25 and 50. Other characteristics of members of this group include possession of degrees and professional training in specialized job disciplines.

“Families around the world appreciate IN2IT’s wide selection of adult and youth personal training programs and classes. The Company's industry-redefining sports, professional fitness and family recreation gyms offer access to personal training instructors in addition to a wide array of class training regimens such as weight loss training programs, cardio boxing and kickboxing classes, Spinning, and Pilates classes,” said Mr. Rieder.

Additional support in assisting The Kosnar Group to assimilate the business culture in Nigeria has been provided by Kristin Houston, Senior International Trade Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service, Irvine, CA, and Kathy Kelly, International Trade Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce, San Diego, CA.  Information relating to specific Nigerian laws and customs governing the importing of products into Nigeria has been provided by Mr. John Adeyemi Adeleke, Executive Director, World Trade Center, Lagos, Nigeria.

About IN2IT Franchising, Inc.

The major difference between IN2IT Nutrition & Fitness and all other competition can be summed up rather succinctly.  No other company-owned or franchise retail nutrition store chain includes a gym facility offering a wide choice of personal and class fitness training programs at moderate prices.