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Help STOP Senior Hunger


Mar 11, 2013

June 11, 2011 - Toronto, Ontario (9 June 2011) – A startling number of Canadian seniors risk going hungry due to the inability to obtain sufficient food for their household or having to choose between food and medical care1. Comfort Keepers Canada is launching a national campaign during Seniors Month in June, titled STOP Senior Hunger. Comfort Keepers is asking local communities to make food donations to the food drive to help local seniors and conducting seminars to raise awareness for this growing epidemic that impacts millions of older Canadians trying to remain healthy and independent.

Wayne Maillet, Business Coach with Comfort Keepers Canada, comments “We can’t fight every factor affecting hunger but we can start by creating awareness about the issue and helping family members become more aware of the signs of hunger and malnutrition.”

Hunger can lead to malnutrition and other serious health problems in seniors. Malnutrition is the result of the body not absorbing enough nutrients due to inaccessibility. Signs of malnutrition may include sudden weight gain or loss, bruising, or dental difficulties, sudden changes in taste, or a general disinterest in eating. For seniors, malnutrition means the potential for increased hospital stays, increased health complications, early entry into assisted living facilities and premature death.

Many factors contribute to senior hunger. Seniors living on a limited income often have to choose between paying for expensive medications and buying groceries. Difficulty chewing and swallowing as a result of diseases such as Parkinson’s, dry mouth caused by some medications, dental conditions and poorly fitting dentures can sometimes prevent seniors from getting the nutrition they need. Some medications may diminish appetite, alter the flavor of foods and even interfere with absorption of nutrients. Depression, due to multiple causes such as grief, loneliness, retirement, poor health, and medications can also contribute to senior hunger.

In response to a growing need for awareness about senior hunger, the Comfort Keepers system has launched a nationwide campaign called STOP Senior Hunger to create awareness for the importance of a healthy diet for those 65 and over. This senior nutrition campaign aims to help seniors preserve their independence by providing diet and nutrition information, encouragement and necessities.

At participating Comfort Keepers offices across Canada there are seminars and bins collecting food to distribute to seniors in need.

For more information on the local STOP Senior Hunger campaign, please visit or contact the local Comfort Keepers office.

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Comfort Keepers® is a leading franchise network in the in-home care market for senior and other adults needing care. Since its founding in 1998, the company has grown to more than 650 franchised locations around the world by staying true to the founders' goal of providing in-home care services that allow clients the opportunity to age in place. In August of 2009, the brand was strengthened even further by the purchase of the franchisor, CK Franchising, Inc., by Sodexo, one of the world's leading food and facilities management services companies and the global leader in the health care and seniors markets. In Canada, there are over 35 franchisees. For more information visit

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