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Fresh Coat Franchise Fills Longtime Void in Interior Painting Industry


Mar 11, 2013

Fresh Coat Franchise Fills Longtime Void in Interior Painting Industry

July 15, 2008 – From donuts to oil changes to video rentals, a major national franchise brand is associated with virtually every product and service out there – except interior painting.

Now, Fresh Coat, with more than 50 locations throughout the United States and Canada, is rapidly filling the void in the interior painting industry, which was formerly dominated by mom-and-pop outfits.

Thanks in part to a housing market that has created an increased demand for the home service sector, Fresh Coat is experiencing growth as homeowners continue to seek affordable ways to freshen up their homes, either to sell or update for their own enjoyment. To augment the industry's rapid growth and high demand for professional, reliable interior painting services, Fresh Coat has launched aggressive expansion plans to increase its franchise system by 40 locations per year for the next five years.

"While most people know that painting the rooms of their home is a quick, simple and affordable way to get a significant return on investment for their house, what they don't typically realize is that interior painting also presents an incredible business opportunity," said Ralph Martin, president of Fresh Coat. "Many entrepreneurs fail to connect the painting industry to big profits, but the opportunity to run a highly profitable business and have the desirable lifestyles of our Fresh Coat franchisees completely debunks that stereotype."

In a new development that proves its dynamic nature, Fresh Coat recently announced that it has added a commercial painting component to its franchise opportunity, rolling out a new service program specifically designed to provide businesses, schools, hospitals, restaurants and more a professional image throughout their work environment.

As the only professional interior painting franchise of its kind, Fresh Coat is on a mission to provide homeowners with experienced, trustworthy, professional painters, impeccable service and a stress-free home improvement experience. Unlike most independent painters, Fresh Coat accepts credit cards, has 24/7 live answering service support for customers, and offers a guaranteed price (no hidden charges) with a firm paint date. "We've pulled out all of the stops to transform the industry," Martin added.

Fresh Coat is backed by the proven expertise of CEO Gary Green, the founder of numerous nationally recognized franchise systems. Combined, these franchise systems have awarded more than 3,000 franchises throughout North America. With more than 20 years of franchising experience, Green has proven his ability to develop niche businesses that fill industry voids with successful franchises. Most of these companies have been rated #1 in their respective industries and have been recognized by national publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Small Business Opportunities and others.

According to Martin, Green's experience provides Fresh Coat with a solid foundation and proven system to support its franchisees. In addition, the franchise opportunity offers entrepreneurs a home-based, low-cost business with virtually no inventory that can operate year-round, regardless of weather, he said.

"Since Fresh Coat specializes in interior painting, our business is not weather dependent, which allows for year-round revenue opportunities. We have also recognized the demand for commercial interior painting and are proud to announce the launch of our Office and Commercial Painting program. This is just one example of how Fresh Coat is continuing to develop and grow to meet the industry's needs."

About Fresh Coat

Founded in 2004, Fresh Coat is one of the painting industry's first and fastest-growing professional interior painting franchises. Its goal is to provide consumers with a reliable brand for interior painting that has previously been non-existent while they professionalize the industry. With the introduction of its new Office and Commercial Painting program, Fresh Coat continues to develop and grow to meet the market's needs. Fresh Coat boasts 50 locations across North America. For more franchise opportunity information, visit