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Cousins Subs® Unwraps New Store in Arizona


Mar 11, 2013

Menomonee Falls, Wis. (January 9, 2012) - Cousins SubsĀ®, best known for their hand-crafted, deli-style subs and freshly baked bread, kicked off the New Year by opening a new store in Chandler, Arizona. As a part of the Chandler store's grand opening activities, Cousins Subs will be raising funds for the Boy and Girls Club of Chandler. From now until February 4, guests who donate $1 to the Boys and Girls Club will receive a coupon for $1 off their next purchase.

"Over the last few months, Mesa has really embraced Cousins Subs, and I'm excited to open another store in Chandler," said Cliff Jones, local franchise developer. "I'm thrilled that, as a part of this store's opening events, we can embrace the community and raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club."

Not only will Jones' newest store offer deli-style sandwiches with freshly sliced meats and vegetables, the store is the first in the area to serve-up fries and grilled sandwiches. The Chandler Cousins Subs, located at 2100 W. Chandler Boulevard is also the first in Arizona to feature a new store aesthetic.

Jones has signed on with the company to develop a total of ten stores over the next three years. Five of those stores will be owned and operated by Jones himself, and five will be owned an operated by qualifying franchisees - including Brian Herczeg, who has signed on with Cousins Subs to open two new locations in Phoenix.