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An Interview with The Pajama Man


Mar 11, 2013

His name is Andy Ross. But to the health insurance industry and his loyal customers and students, he is the Pajama-Man - the top selling independent health insurance broker in the state of Nevada. Our own Jerry Conners caught up with the hard-working, funny and passionate independent agent and founder of the online Pajama Man School, who took a few minutes out of his insanely busy day to talk. Here are the highlights.

Thanks for agreeing to chat. With your business and your school - how can you possibly have time for this?
You are most welcome. I always manage to find the time.

OK. The most obvious question first.

Why are you called the Pajama Man?
I’ve been successfully working from home for more than 16 years, and I can wear whatever I like to work. My wife was the first person to call me the Pajama-Man because of course I can wear whatever I like. The name stuck. Pajama Man represents the kind of home-based, self-directed lifestyle my career lets me lead. I love it and never take it for granted.

You know we have to ask.
Of course.

Do you really wear pajamas all day?
I hate to spoil the mystery on that one. I will say if I am meeting someone in person, I’ll make myself presentable. Let’s just leave it at that.

All right. Moving along, who is the Pajama Man?
I am the top producing independent health insurance broker for the largest health insurance company in Nevada. That's why they also call me “Mr. Health Insurance of Nevada.” My income just keeps going up and up. My 1099s are even online at so everyone can see for themselves how extremely profitable my business is.

So – you’re a salesman?
No, not a salesman. I’m an educator. I educate my clients on the best available insurance options for them. My customers don’t just need insurance. They need a reliable broker to provide optimum health insurance solutions every single time. That’s what I deliver, and that’s why I’ve enjoyed phenomenal success as the Pajama Man. Let me tell you, my business just keeps growing. Everyone needs health insurance, so this is really the best industry to be in.

And you’re an educator in the traditional sense, too.
That’s right.

Tell me about your Pajama Man School.
The Pajama Man School teaches anyone with the drive, desire and ability to begin the kind of successful career I enjoy. I teach you exactly what to do to become a topproducing independent health insurance broker without ever leaving your home.

That’s right. Using just the Internet and your phone, I’ll have you in the chair writing applications and making nice money almost immediately. The Pajama Man School curriculum is completely customized to your particular needs. There’s a huge audio/video online library – you can spend days there. I also run interactive telephone sessions – I teach you how to generate massive and multiple residual income streams almost instantly. That means the applications you write today will keep paying you income for months and years to come. And you can do it all – “attend” the Pajama Man School and build your new business – right from your home office.

In my pajamas.
Of course.

Does what you do involve a lot of cold calling?

Really. I teach Pajama Man students my unique Internet system that brings prospects to them. With my system, there’s no cold calling or chasing business. Customers contact you. And your business will just soar.

Where can prospective students go to learn more about you and the Pajama Man School?
They can visit my website at It is absolutely loaded with everything they need to know about becoming a Pajama Man.

Or a Pajama Woman?
Yes, of course. And students are always welcome to visit me in my home and see how the Pajama Man operates in real life.

So your door is always open?
My door is always open. Visits are not required, of course, to become a student of the Pajama Man School. But I have to say, when prospective students do make the trip, it seals the deal for them. Once they see the Pajama Man in action, they want the same lifestyle and success for themselves.

So students visit you at home?
More often than you’d think. I live close to Las Vegas, so a lot of students come to kill two birds with one stone.

You could have … a pajama party.
I suppose I could.