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AIM for FAST Success in Franchising Now a Reality


Mar 11, 2013

Santa Rosa, CA - — Targeting both aspiring and seasoned franchisees, the nation’s premier Business Coaching firm, The Entrepreneur's Source (E-Source), and E-Myth® Worldwide are launching a certified business-education program based on the business success principles of E-Myth Worldwide. Products AIM™ for Success and FAST™ (Franchise Accelerated Success Training) have been jointly developed and adapted from E-Myth’s award-winning distance e-learning programs and E-Source’s exclusive Franchise Business Coaching success methodology. The co-branded products and programs mark the first time these highly regarded and proven business-development principles have been incorporated into a curriculum designed for the aspiring and existing franchise owners.

“The franchising sector, which now represents $880.9 billion in economic output and provides employment for 11 million jobs, will benefit tremendously from our strategic partnership and the education services that will help increase franchisee return on investment,” says president of The Entrepreneur’s Source Brian Miller. “The new AIM/FAST programs combine the best of the time-tested E-Myth principles with sophisticated e-learning programs targeting both the prospective and the more seasoned operator.

The Certified Program curriculum consists of two self-directed, online programs each incorporating a systems approach to successful business ownership. Leveraging eLearning courseware and expert led virtual Workshops; both programs help business owners maximize the franchise business systems to achieve their personal objectives and franchise business success. AIM and FAST are now available exclusively through E-Source Certified Business Coaches of The Entrepreneur’s Source.

AIM for Success is an introductory business education program for aspiring entrepreneurs considering franchise business ownership. AIM introduces the E-Myth entrepreneurial perspective as well as the E-Source franchise education and Coaching methodology.

"For someone like me who is new to business, AIM offers great information,” says Bridgett Jones-Smith, a client of The Entrepreneur’s Source. “The course has helped me to think differently about my role in the franchise business I'm about to start. I realize I was looking at it all wrong -- now I understand and feel better prepared to get going," she added.

FAST (Franchise Accelerated Success Training) is designed for new and existing franchise business owners ready to take their business to the next level of success. FAST presents both E-Myth’s proven business success systems and E-Source’s proprietary Franchise Coaching methodology exclusively developed for the franchise business owner.

“As a firm believer in E-Mything your business, I’m encouraged to see that a curriculum created that speaks to the franchising sector,” says Brian Scudamore (Founder & CEO) 1800-GOTJUNK.

“The new AIM/FAST programs combine the best of the time tested E-Myth principles, with the power a proven franchise system provides. Prospective franchisees who take this program will have a jump start on what it takes to be successful in business and know how to leverage a franchise system to achieve maximum results,” Miller added.

Both programs are immediately available through The Entrepreneur’s Source certified coaches. To learn more about the AIM or FAST programs visit About The Entrepreneur’s Source® (E-Source)

The Entrepreneur’s Source is North America’s leading career and Business Coaching Company dedicated to the entrepreneur with more than 220 offices in the United States and Canada. With its unique E-Source Coach Advantage, E-Source offers a full range of services to individuals seeking alternate career options and to franchise businesses looking to increase performance.

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