A First Time NRA Show Exhibitor Plans to Set-up a Trade Show Booth Offering Sustainability, | Be The Boss

A First Time NRA Show Exhibitor Plans to Set-up a Trade Show Booth Offering Sustainability,


Mar 11, 2013

Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions, a newly re-branded company, will have a booth at the NRA Show for the first time since the company was founded. The business re-branded itself as the Environmental Kitchen Solutions partner in the late part of 2008. A worthy tag, since the business consists of FiltaFry, the undisputed market leader in oil-filtration & deep fryer management, and FiltaCool, a unique natural filter for moisture control. Both products are proven to save customers money and increase sustainability.

So when you stop by their booth, South Pavilion- 1981, you will learn WHY their FiltaFry service and FiltaCool products are increasing profitability and sustainability within the food service industry throughout the nation, and HOW you can take advantage of the company’s positive benefits. Customers who have taken advantage of said benefits have been known to:
  • Reduce original oil disposal up to 50% with FiltaFry
  • Extend the life of perishables up to 50% with FiltaCool
Bob Rogers, Filta’s new CEO is attending the show, and a quick conversation with him will provide even more insight on where Filta has been, where they are currently, and where they are planning to go in the near future. When asked about the recent re-brand and the current state of the business, Bob states

"The Company really has come a long way in a short time. FiltaFry is now firmly established as America’s number one fryer management and cooking oil filtering service operating in over 40 states and growing every month with new franchise owners. And with the recent addition of our new service FiltaCool, we felt it was time that our branding fully reflected how our services positively impact the environment. Filta has been a green company for twelve years long before it was seen as important and our new image clearly shows this. We are very proud of the new look and our customers have given us very positive feedback."

There is much more to learn about this unique business, from customer success stories, and franchise opportunities, to product and service benefits. If you were not scheduled to drop by Booth number 1981, now is your chance to re-consider and learn about the country’s newly branded Environmental Kitchen Solutions partner, Filta.

Filta by Numbers…..

50 million - Pounds of oil filtered by Filta annually. That’s the equivalent of over 750,000 barrels of oil.
250 million – yes, that’s 250m! Pounds of oil filtered to date by Filta. That volume of oil would take up 25,000,000 cubic feet… it would fill a sports stadium.