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What Is A Kiosk Franchise?

Rob Lancit


Mar 25, 2020

Kiosk franchises are franchises that are run out of kiosks. They are great for several reasons but the big appeal for them is the low level of investment required to buy and operate a kiosk franchise.

Merram-Webster defines a kiosk as “(A) small structure with one or more open sides that is used to vend merchandise . . . or services”. Being a franchise means that you can operate your kiosk under a known brand name with an established business template.

Kiosks are most commonly seen in shopping malls. In most malls there are wide walkways and promenades. These are perfect for kiosk franchises. There’s enough space for people to walk on either side of you and you are prominently displayed to everybody who walks by. It is impossible to not notice a kiosk franchise when you walk past it only four feet away.

The two biggest benefits of the kiosk franchise are low-cost and great location. Kiosk franchises are small. You don’t need much space nor even an entire building to run one. You have to rent the space from the mall or establishment where you are located, but kiosk rents are typically lower than renting an actual store space, despite the fact that kiosks are arguably better located. The location is so great because what other business can you buy where you are more or less assured a steady stream of pedestrians on either side of you? Kiosk franchises benefit from low overhead costs and high foot traffic.

We’ve gone over what a kiosk franchise looks like. We’ve gone over some of the general advantages of a kiosk franchise. But what do kiosk franchises actually do? What do they sell?

Kiosk franchises come in different forms. There are a great many different products and services you can sell from a kiosk franchise. One popular product is beverages. Many beverage franchises operate out of kiosks. You could sell healthy juices and smoothies, coffee, or just about anything else. But you don’t need to sell liquid to increase your liquid assets with a kiosk franchise.

Another popular type of kiosk franchise is a beauty franchise. Makeup and similar products are easy to display and even apply to clients within the small space of the kiosks. Samples and makeovers can entice mall-goers to sit down and ultimately purchase some products. Then there are computer and electronics franchises. Small computer devices and other electronic gadgets can be easily displayed and sold in the small space that kiosks provide. These tech items are usually quite flashy so they can stop people going by as they notice them. Then it’s up to you to make a sale or two. One final example is clothing and shoe franchises. Most clothing is sold in stores, but franchises who specialize in one kind of clothing or apparel can sell them from kiosks. The small space means you can’t have much stock on hand, but it also means that these franchises are inexpensive to run and successful ones can move a lot of product quickly.

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