Social Media Trends and Tools for Growing Franchise Systems



Apr 05, 2016

What is the next big thing in the social media world?  How can growing franchise systems embrace social media quickly? How can a franchise system efficiently achieve brand consistency across social media?

Anthony Owen, President and Founder of Manalto, Inc., a technology provider of social media management solutions for franchise systems, shares his insights on these questions.

What is the next big thing in the social media world?

“Social media is increasingly headed toward short-form video. We are also going to see growth in all forms of video on social media combined with an increase in advertising, often referred to as ad-tech.”

The power of the short video can be used to attract new followers, build loyalty and to deliver product offers. Followers are quickly engaged by video, particularly via smart phones. Here are two simple ideas to start creating cost effective short-form video or audio clips to grab the attention of your audience:

1.   Create a simple product/ service how-to video:  For Mac users, iMovie is a great editing tool and all you need to edit a simple video.  Show users how to use your product, how to make something, how to use a new feature and much more.

2.   Record trending topics from the expert:  This can also be done through iMovie or other editing software.  Choose an interesting topic relevant to your industry.  This takes writing an article or blog to the next level and attracts greater engagement.

3. How can growing franchise systems embrace social media quickly?

“Franchise systems should endeavor to register Facebook accounts, Twitter handles and other desired accounts on social media platforms in addition to website URL’s for a new franchise quickly to secure their preferred profile names in advance.”

4. How can a franchise system efficiently achieve brand consistency across social media?

“From observation only, mature franchise systems typically employ a more decentralized, traditional approach to managing their brand on social media.  Newer franchise systems seek digital solutions and tools to assist in the management of brand and content across social media – delivering benefits such as consistency, efficiency and risk management controls”

There are now tools available to support franchise systems in leveraging social media, including solutions to support streamlined brand and content management on social media.

Previously, a franchise system head office with 50-100 locations (for example) would distribute content or logos via franchise owner of a Facebook page to publish, or, if head office was an administrator on these pages, they would individually log into each account and update a cover and profile image and publish content – one page at a time.

Access to new tools, such as Manalto’s social media management tool allows a head office to easily and centrally post updated brand images and content across multiple pages, in just one click – enabling consistent brand management across social media, while also enabling local engagement at a franchisee level.”

Whether you are a more seasoned franchise system or a new one, a social media management tool will certainly deliver benefits in efficiently managing your brand across social media.

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