Franchise "Speed Dating", You Only Have a Moment.

As media has evolved from traditional broadcast and print to the wide array of options on the Internet, franchise recruitment professionals have found themselves fighting to gain the attention of qualified prospects in new and creative ways. We know that how people are using the Internet is changing at an extremely rapid pace, with mobile and tablets well on their way to gaining dominance over desktop computers. As screens are shrinking, it has forced franchisors and their marketing teams to deliver messaging is a more concise and powerful way. Those still using desktops and laptop computers also have expectations of what they want to see and how they want it presented. If you’re looking to gain the most response out of your online recruitment budgets, you need to look at online lead generation as “speed dating”.

In an instant you’re judged. It’s true in just about everything. People aren’t willing to take the time because many just don’t have the time to waste. Your franchise development marketing and brand positioning has to be as good or better than they expected. If it’s anything less, you’ll lose no matter how great you may really be. When it comes to messaging, get to the point and lead with a powerful message that encapsulates what you are really offering them. It’s best when you can integrate some of your corporate culture into the messaging, so they know you are likely to be a good culture fit for them. Most importantly, make sure your messaging is appropriate to your audience, or most desirable franchise prospect. Those seeking higher investment opportunities and multi-unit operators will not respond to the emotional messaging you would use for a single unit operator of a low cost franchise opportunity.

I“m a true believer in “less is more”. It makes great sense to control the conversation and using a methodical approach to your marketing messaging to draw a prospect in, inspire them, and educate them only when they have jumped over a hurdle or two. On websites, keep your content very easy to read with big headlines, lots of sub-heads and minimal content. Make it easy for prospects to comprehend your key value propositions without having to read all the fine print. As their interest increases, they will actively seek the information and are likely to read every work. Getting them to that point under your terms will result in higher conversion on the web and higher ROI of your franchise development budgets.

Filling the top end of the sales funnel is not an easy task. I recommend that you take a hard look at the way you are communicating your franchise opportunity, and be sure to look at it from the “speed dating” perspective.

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