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FAQs About Staffing Franchises

Rob Lancit


Apr 27, 2020

Staffing franchises are doing very well right now across America. But why? And is a staffing franchise the right kind of franchise for you? Here are some frequently asked questions about staffing franchises.

Question: What Do Staffing Franchises Actually Do?


Staffing franchises operate as any other staffing business would. They supply staff to other businesses. Some businesses totally rely on staffing franchises to manage their employment and human resources. Other businesses only turn to staffing franchises when there is a labor shortage or during other emergencies. Some businesses keep a staffing franchise on file, almost on retainer, to make sure they always have the right amount of staff.

Question: What Types Of Businesses Do Staffing Franchises Work With?


Just about any. Any business that requires enough staff to make managing them all a headache. Staffing franchises can supply competent and qualified workers for many different businesses across many different industries. Some staffing franchises specialize in providing senior care workers, others focus on connecting office workers with businesses, and still others focus on education.

Question: Why Is It A Good Idea To Buy a staffing Franchise? Can’t I just start my own staffing business?


Yes, you totally can start your own independent staffing business. But what you probably can’t do is succeed with your own independent staffing business. Think about it: why would companies trust you to supply them with extra staff? They don’t know you and you have no established brand name. How will you afford to run a deficit for as many years as it takes to build up a reputation? And who will want to work with your staffing franchise to fill these positions if you’re an unknown who is constantly losing money? Buying a staffing franchise is a far more prudent decision.

Question: How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Staffing Franchise?


Every staffing franchisor charges a different amount for their staffing franchises. And where you are in the country will also affect how much your total start-up costs will amount to. But, generally speaking, staffing franchises are low cost franchises. In some cases, you can buy and start up a staffing franchise for as little as $50,000. In some cases, if you’re in an expensive market and want an expansive staffing franchise, you might have to invest as much as $200,000. But even this is a comparatively small amount when compared to the expenses associated with other types of franchises in other industries.

Question: How Can I Find Out If Successful Staffing Franchisors Are Looking To Expand Into My Area?

Answer: Be The Boss

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