What Attracts Women to Franchising

Franchising offers an incredible opportunity for women to start their own successful businesses. Women have characteristics that are ideal for franchising and allow them to excel in this business model. Owning a franchise allows women to set their own hours so that they can attend to other important aspects of their life, such as spending time with their kids. Women franchise owners are able to determine their own income since the money they earn is in direct proportion to the amount of time they put into their business. Ambitious women can easily expand their operation into several franchise units, while retaining complete control over their own time.

According to experts such as Ian Murphy, women are so well suited to franchising that, in certain aspects, they are better at it than men. This has to do with characteristics that are shared by many women that make them an ideal match for franchising. Women are very good at organizing, coordinating activities, as well as managing people efficiently. These traits allow women to run their businesses more profitably and productively. Women are often the organizers in their household who manage their kids' activities and this translates well into running their own franchise. Women know what to prioritize and, as a result, use their money and resources in the most efficient manner.

Women are good at deciding which activities are the most important and this skill works well when it comes to staffing, people management and financing. Women have an ability to work towards a common goal while ensuring their own business is a success. This means that women are interested in making their franchise a success for all franchisees who are involved with a franchise company. Networking is one of the many skills that women possess that makes them such desired franchise prospects. Effectively communicating their ideas and concerns makes it possible to keep an open dialogue between franchisee, franchise owner and all other parties involved in the running of the franchise. Franchising gives women the opportunity to be successful both personally and professionally.

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