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Seven Tips for Hiring the Right People

Companies owning and operating a number of different franchise units will need to develop their own system for hiring quality employees. Hiring mistakes cost small businesses thousands of dollars in wasted labor costs each year. Try these seven tips to make your hiring process smarter.

1. Call the References

Tell your management team to take the time and call at least one or two of the references provided by qualified employees. Skipping this step is a mistake.

2. Use 1-9s Properly

Skipping vital steps in the hiring process could leave you at the mercy of the IRS. Collect the important information and send in the forms as soon as you can when a new member joins your company.

3. Create a Profile

Writing up an outline of what an ideal employee is like for each franchise will help your management team make smarter decisions. They can weed out inappropriate candidates while reviewing applications if you provide a clear profile of the skills needed.

4. Documentation

If you want to avoid claims of discrimination and other labor issues, be sure to record the decisions and opinions of the hiring team at each step. Clear explanations of why a particular applicant wasn't hired will help you explain the process later if you are questioned.

5. Take Your Time

Many owners make the mistake of hiring the first person to apply when a position opens up. Do your best to balance existing workers so you can take a week or two on the hiring process. This ensures you make the right decision based on all of the facts.

6. Team Up

Put together a hiring team that involves high level managers and shift or line managers so that each interview is conducted by at least two people. This gives you a well-rounded view of each potential hire and speeds up the process.

7. Stock Questions

Each interviewee must be asked the exact same questions. If you provide a test for the candidates, don't use different sets of activities for different people. This can lead to claims of unfair practices.