8 Rules to Follow to be an Extraordinary Franchiser and Franchisee

Tom Feltenstein


Jul 05, 2016

To Be An Extraordinary Franchiser/ Franchisee You Must Follow The Rules Of Engagement

1. Get a New Job

We did. In a world where information comes at us from endless sources it’s no longer just engaging people with a story. Today, we engage people In the story. It’s an important distinction. Just like the fact that we are now an Engagement Academy.

2. Get Over Yourself

You are not in control of your brand or message anymore. Today, you share it with your audience. They shape your story, how others see you, what people say about you. They’ll even write your advertising. In short, they can make or break you. So don’t talk at them. Have a conversation instead.

3. You’re A Drop in the Ocean

People are drowning in content. More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than all three major US networks produced in 60 years. And, despite the fact that 60% of all internet traffic now comes from video, 80% of people never get pasted the first 10 seconds. Be bold and original and de the drop that’s drunk.

4. You’re Probably On Something

Like everyone else you’re probably on some sort of device most of the time. Your audience is constantly engaged with information, entertainment, conversations, and people that matter to them. Your message needs to be where everyone is. Which is everywhere!

5. What’s the Insight? Incite?

For many, the insight is the holy grail. For us, it’s the incite, the creative idea at the heart of every campaign. The incite, through its originality and share-ability, propels a campaign forward. Incites contain an energy that gain momentum across the media galaxy-paid, earned, owned and the social power of each. As more and more people participate in it, share it, and advocate it, incites spark movements and transform businesses, brands and issues.

6. Follow Directions

If you don’t know where you’re going all roads lead there. Every brand, company and organization

has a positioning in the marketplace, or should. The content we create is carefully designed to move a brand’s story forward towards a distinct goal. First we define where we want to end up; and then we plot out how to get there.

7. Be Contagious

Asking for a viral video isn’t like ordering soup. Content that “goes viral” is the kind that’s talked about and passed around. It takes creativity, and luck. So inspire, delight, entertain, shock, captivate, and illuminate- whatever it takes to create emotional experiences that drive participation. And keep your fingers crossed.

8. Caffeinate

You can’t go to sleep, not in this world. You must be ready to react and respond at the moment’s notice. Answer, project, update, and argue. Adjust the content, find a different medium, and use the newest technology. Whatever you do, don’t close your eyes.

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