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Steve Wolkoff of ecocountertopsUSA


Dec 19, 2017

Steve Wolkoff, cofounder of ecocountertopsUSA, started his career in commercial real estate in his early twenties as a construction superintendent on multi family developments. Steve is recognized in central Indiana as a successful commercial real estate business owner. He has received numerous awards for his volunteerism for the youth in his community and for his leadership in the Catholic Youth Organization as a coach and leading volunteer. He has received the Sagamore of the Wabash from Governor Frank O'Bannon in 2001, the highest award a citizen of the state of Indiana can receive for contributions to the state. Steve runs the administrative portion of ecocountertopsUSA and interfaces with their marketing partner to enhance social media exposure and brand development.

1. What led you to this business?

Having seen every new construction concept as well as the materials and methods, over many years prepared us to appreciate our first experience with resurfacing countertops. When my wife Adele and I first learned about this valuable service we knew we had to be in this business. It was simple, highly profitable, easily managed and transformative in people's homes and offices.

2. What are the advantages of resurfacing?

For the last ten years we have perfected the best resurfacing method on the industry. ecocountertopsUSA is a very high profit, low overhead, home based business. Our dealers have no inventory requirements, no storefronts or warehouses, no special vehicle, pay no royalties and best of all, no employees. They complete every job themselves after sixty hours of intense technical training. It is a terrific business, full or part time, for men or women. Our very affordable one day durable long lasting application has created countless satisfied customers.

3. Who is your target dealer?

We are happy to say we have a very diverse group of current dealers. If one likes light manual labor this can be a very rewarding business to own and operate. Individuals who are selfmotivated and focused on the opportunity to own and grow their own business will have success in resurfacing.

4. How do you provide support to your dealers?

My wife Adele is the heart and soul of our business. She runs our technical training program and oversees the 24 hour support to our dealers. She takes great pride in responding to each dealer whenever they have questions or challenges. In my opinion she is the absolute best and most knowledgeable resurfacing expert in the industry.

5. What are some of the greatest lessons you have learned from running this business?

Keep the business model simple! Continue to provide a very inexpensive, durable solution that has a beautiful, transformative visual enhancement value. Stick with consistent systems and methods that produce fast, high quality results. Go the extra mile for customers, show up on time, follow up, be courteous and professional and always do your best work.

6. Who or what has inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

No doubt, our family. Five children and five grandchildren are our reason for starting each day with purpose and enthusiasm combined with a life full of athletic competition and I remain motivated and challen