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Michael Collura of In Home Personal Services


Mar 28, 2018

Michael Collura began working with seniors at a local nursing home at the early age of 15. He determined this to be his passion and pursued a career in the industry. Michael subsequently developed a system for senior care that was forward-thinking and placed the needs of the individual first. His ideas and business model brought about notoriety in the local market. When he formed his first company – In Home Personal Services – in 2004, Michael spent several years building a team of professionals around him that shared in his vision. In 2010, he purchased a failing home health business. Today, that business is one of the largest privately owned agencies in Illinois. Michael’s passion, vision and leadership have served him well as he continues growing and expanding his many brands.

In 2009, Michael initiated a process where he would invest several years behind the development of a franchise system. Like all of his businesses, Michael worked to establish something that was unique from that of his competitors. Today, he offers that original business concept for non-medical senior care as a franchise opportunity to entrepreneurs all over the United States.

1. Tell us about the In Home Personal Services concept.

In Home Personal Services is a non-medical senior care endeavor. The advantages of this business model are extensive. Most notable are the growing demand for this type of enterprise all over the country and the low cost of investment, as well as the sustainability of the model.

2. How and when did you become involved with In Home Personal Services?

Our Founder, Michael Collura, has been here since the beginning when In Home Personal Services was first formed in 2004. Many of the talented individuals that have joined the company early on are still a part of it today.

3. What was your background prior to joining In Home Personal Services?

Michael has worked in many leadership positions throughout his career, including retail, customer service and of course – senior care. These experiences have afforded him the perfect background and expertise for leadership in his many business enterprises.

4. What are some of the advantages in being a In Home Personal Services franchisee?

Too many to list! We encourage everyone to come meet us at our home office. Recognize these advantages for yourself and learn about the ways we have set ourselves apart from the other companies in the same industry. Just a few of our advantages are cost, growth, business development, marketing and advertising, support, territory development and of course – the business model itself.

5. Who is your ideal franchisee?

Those who wish to provide genuine care to those in need. An ideal franchise candidate is the person reading this now who wants more than a business. This person desires something that can grow and of which they can be proud.

6. Tell us a little about the Senior Healthcare Market?

The senior healthcare industry is a booming industry. The number of Americans aged 65 and older will continue to grow. Such demand for quality senior homecare allowed In Home Personal Services to expand with such force. This is a market that will continue to be in need.

7. What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in growing this franchise?

As the franchisor, we not only look for new ways to foster the brand, but new and innovative methods to grow the individual franchise units as well. Innovation never ends.

8. Do you have a mentor and is there someone you use for inspiration?

Yes, the seniors we care for. They are the mentors, the inspiration and the story behind all that we do. They guide and counsel us, and provide the insight required to develop new and better ways to fulfil their needs.

9. What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

Ask many questions and compare the various opportunities available to you. Understand everything you read and discover during your research will only be the tip of the iceberg. Meet face-to-face with the franchisor and learn more about the brand in which you will be investing.

10. In your opinion, why do you think that In Home Personal Services would be a great opportunity for someone?

This is a tremendous opportunity for countless reasons. Depending upon your motivation for venturing into a business like this, we are confident that your needs will more than be met.