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Business Alliance Consulting Franchise- TESTIMONIALS


Mar 11, 2013

“For several years, we owned our own business, 32 employees, and all the headaches that went along with it. When we sold our business and relocated, we knew we wanted to do something different - that's when we first learned of Business Alliance. Great training, great support and the ability to build a six figure income without all the headaches associated with business ownership. IT HAS BEEN THE BEST INVESTMENT WE'VE MADE!” – Mary Ann Peres, Port St. Lucie, FL

“I joined BAI after looking for a reasonably priced business that I could do out of my home and utilize my consultative skills. BAI seemed liked a perfect fit. I received the initial training and off I went. My first placement came after 7 weeks. I had a great first year and my second year will be even better. Support has been there when I needed it. I enjoy the franchise industry and helping others to find the right business. The BAI opportunity affords me a very good income and a flexible work schedule.” - Ralph Keyslay, Nashua, NH

“I just finished my first year as a Business Alliance Affiliate and it has more than exceeded my expectations. Since I teach at UCLA and am finishing a novel, this has been solely a part time business for me. I took three months off for vacation and holidays, and for the 9 months I worked, put in an average of 20 hours a week, sometimes less. Even with this limited time, I booked $136,595 in commissions. The experience has been highly rewarding, both personally as well as financially.” - Corey Mandell, Hermosa Beach, CA

“I researched quite a few businesses before deciding on Business Alliance. There were several reasons why I chose this company. For one thing, this was the only business that satisfied all my criteria: a fast growing, recession-proof industry, a low investment, low overhead, high income potential, time flexibility, professional clientele, and a business where I could provide a valuable service to many people. Also, I was very impressed with the backgrounds and the integrity of the people in the corporate office as well as the other Consultants. I have been very pleased with my decision. I achieved a six figure income in my first year, and I have tripled my income over 5 years! Also, I have much more control of my time and I generate a lot of satisfaction from helping other people achieve their goals.” – Brian Felderstein, Baltimore, MD

“Having experienced what it's like to own a business that's not right for me, I am thrilled to own a business that fits my lifestyle and personality. I do not work nights or weekends, I have low overhead, and I work from home. I do not have to do any advertising because I can buy my leads at a low cost directly from Business Alliance. At the same time, I get to match people with businesses that meet their needs and goals. I believe this is the best business in the world!” – Susan Fraize, Carmel, IN

"I started researching my next business when I decided to sell my franchise, which was the wrong decision for me from the get go. I had purchased that franchise for all the wrong reasons and with no guidance. I found the Business Alliance opportunity and loved the concept of helping future business owners make better decisions by being informed. I also loved the flexibility of taking this business with me wherever I might decide to move in the future. Before I joined Business Alliance, I was told that the training program was designed to help new Consultants jump start their business and become productive and profitable very quickly. I was very pleased with the training and coaching I received, and I started my business with high expectations, but I was still very surprised when I received a check in the amount of $63,750 after just 60 days!!” If you enjoy learning new things every day and helping people achieve their dreams, this is a great opportunity. – April Abbott, Atlanta, GA

“I started my new Franchise Consulting business with Business Alliance in October, 2007. I had been an owner of a small business for many years prior to selling it, but was not familiar with the franchise industry. The training was exceptional in giving me an overview of the industry as a whole. In addition, I have found that the steps that were outlined to get my business started and to market my services were very well presented and very effective. I have continued to be in touch with my trainer, also a BAI consultant, and he has helped me immensely when I have had questions or issues. As I have learned more about the franchises in the BAI portfolio, I am continually impressed with the overall quality of the companies we represent. Also, I have found that BAI is great at keeping me informed. They have also provided me with exceptional resources to help me succeed – great partners in franchise financing, 401K conversion firms, franchise legal assistance, etc. In addition, the daily franchisor conference calls to all the BAI affiliate has significantly improved my ability to act as a true advisor to my clients. I closed my first transaction in January, 2008, a Master Franchise opportunity, which netted my firm a $60,000 fee. I am also working with a large number of other very qualified clients, almost all of which came from the BAI Webleads program.” – Gary Payne, Sugarland, TX

“For me, the exciting thing about this business is how rewarding it can be. Not only do you have a positive impact in terms of helping people find just the right franchise, but the referral fees paid by the franchisors are outstanding! It's also the kind of business you can tailor to your own lifestyle. Bottom-line, if you can follow an established, tested process - you can't help but be successful in this business!” - Michael C., Wesley Chapel, FL

“I came from 24 years in Operations as a Sr. Manager with a large company helping people get further in their careers and felt this would be a good match for me. I started part time in this business because I purchased a franchise and I also had another business. Six months later, I went full time and decided not to continue with the franchise I purchased and not to do any more in the other business because my Franchise Consulting business was going so well! I know that I made the right decision because this has been very rewarding in many ways and there are always candidates in my pipeline at every stage of investigating a franchise. In closing, I am pleased with the franchises BAI has in their portfolio and hope that we continue to be the biggest and best.” - Jim M., Downers Grove, IL

“I knew I wanted to get into franchise consulting, and I did my research. Business Alliance, Inc has given me the foundation that is necessary to be a competent Franchise Consultant: great franchises, ongoing franchise training, great corporate staff, and the freedom to take the business in the direction I want. I have exceeded my expectations so far!” – Natalie Barnes, Bonney Lake, WA

“As an Independent Consultant with Business Alliance Inc., I appreciate the unique opportunity to assist prospective business owners through the discovery and decision process as they determine the best alternatives for their personal business investment. The variety of excellent franchises offered through BAI is impressive and provides viable choices for investors in a wide range of price levels, interests and sophistication.” - David A., San Francisco, CA

“I researched many of the franchise consulting business opportunities, and The Business Alliance kept coming up #1. I felt their system provided me the best return on investment along with the flexibility I needed.” - Natalie N., Macungie, PA

“B.A.I. has been a wonderful experience for me! As a past Administrator for a surgery center, my days are much less intense and more pleasurable and the corporate staff in Atlanta is the best. I recouped my initial investment (and then some) in the first 30 days and enjoy this line of work very much. Being a single parent of two boys, having my own schedule the past two years has been a blessing. I believe in the concept of franchising whole heartedly -- so much so, that I also purchased one for myself!” - Stephanie J., Des Moines, IA