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Subway Franchises Get In Sync With Mobile Marketing Deal


Mar 11, 2013

It has been a good year for the Subway franchise. The multi-billion dollar sandwich king was the most successful in the US in 2011, achieving success by separating themselves from fast-food competitors. With healthy menu options aplenty and the speed of the Super Size set, Subway has created the more evolved food on the go. But without going drive-thru, using heat lamps or any of the other old tricks, how can Subway increase efficiency and service for their customers further? Apparently, there's an app for that.

Last month, Subway inked a deal with mobile marketing technology company Velti to bring mobile ordering to sandwich lovers nationwide. Consumers will be able to order their meals from their phones and pick them up at the nearest Subway shop. A mobile application and site also will allow them to look at the menu, nutrition information and franchise locations.

“We see enormous potential in our mobile campaigns and look forward to delivering a more robust experience with Velti,” Subway’s Digital Marketing Director Joost Zimmerman told Marketwire. “Our goal is to utilize mobile marketing as a highly personal and direct way to reach our customers and give them access to Subway at any time, wherever they are.”

With smartphones and tablets — including Apple’s iPad — dropping in price and becoming more affordable, companies of all kinds including franchise business owners are expected to turn to mobile advertising.

In their 2011 mobile advertising trends report, the trade group Mobile Marketing Association predicted businesses would spend $1.24 billion this year on mobile advertising alone, with that figure to grow to $5 billion by 2015. But even today, Subway franchisees have seen business opportunities in the mobile realm, opting to prominently advertise mobile applications and mobile ordering in more affluent, more tech-savvy areas of the country.