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Why the Wrong People Get Hired

Mel Kleiman


Feb 02, 2016

  1. You only recruit when you have an immediate need so you don’t have any viable candidates on the bench.  Now you’re in “desperation hiring mode” – pressured to hire the first person with a pulse who shows up.
  2. Your employee recruitment ads attract people who are looking for a job - any job - rather than those who are really your best prospects: All the hardworking folks who are gainfully employed, but who would be open to a new opportunity.
  3. You haven’t spelled out the particular Capacities (mental and physical), Attitudes, Personality traits, and Skills (CAPS) needed for a person to be successful on the job. (You can’t hit the target when you don’t know what it looks like.)
  4. You don’t use testing to ensure applicants have the CAPS you’re looking for.
  5. You don’t bother to ask your current employees, vendors, networks, family, and friends if they could recommend someone. (The best source of new recruits are referrals from folks you already know.)
  6. You don’t call promising applicants to make sure they meet your bottom line requirements. (Reliable transportation, the ability to work the shifts needed for what you offer, etc.) This is a great way to waste your time in interviews with unsuitable candidates.
  7. During interviews, you rely on first impressions. If you “like” an applicant, you automatically look for reasons to hire them and, if you don’t like the person, you look for reasons to reject them. This way you get to be right (but you also often fail to hire the people who would be best for the job.)
  8. You spend the first five minutes of the interview telling applicants all about the company, the job, and what you’re looking for. Then they spin all of their answers to your questions to fit what it is you said you want.
  9. You don’t plan for the interview. You just wing it and the inevitable result is that you hire the person with the best presentation skills rather than the one who is the best fit for the job.
  10. You don’t do reference, background, or credit checks nor do you require drug testing.
  11. There it is then, a foolproof formula for frustration and failure. When the new hire quits or you fire the person, you can do it this way all over again OR you can reverse engineer this course of action and start getting the results you want instead.

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