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Franchise Discovery Day: Demonstrate a Digitized Path to Success

Bryce Ebeling


Aug 22, 2016

Congratulations! You have the interest of a franchisee who has researched your company, brand and business concept and who thinks it meets their goals for owning a business. 

This prospect has narrowed their choices to a couple of options before choosing their partner for the next 20 years -- and they are coming to visit you (and likely others) to rub elbows with those who will support and coach them to success. You need to put your best foot forward.

If you have done the required interviews before discovery day, this is your opportunity to show this franchise prospect why they should choose you over another concept. 

What sets you apart? 

One good differentiator is a digitized process that will make franchisees productive, efficient and successful – out of the gate.

Show them that you know the mistakes to avoid and have the technology in place to ensure your franchisees avoid them. Demonstrate that you know how to achieve success, and have optimized and automated their processes to ensure operational efficiency and maximum customer engagement.

Show potential franchisees that your business processes (read: “your secret sauce”), based on industry best practices and customized to your experience and customer data are intelligent, that your software is self-learning, able to modify and optimize processes and customer communications in real-time based on customer and operational data.

How do you digitally transform your franchise? It’s a lot easier than you might think. 

Start with process optimization. Find a vendor who will help you customize industry best practices to your time-tested business model, and will use these rules to create a business process enforcement, reporting and improvement engine. 

Your business process engine will ensure that the best practice rules you have time tested are consistently followed by franchisees and their staff, every time. Your solution should notify franchisees in real time (and corporate franchise performance coaches or executive team members as escalations require) when they deviate from operational best practices and benchmarked targets and should alert franchisees when a staff member exhibits fraudulent behavior.  

Business process automation should act as a digital franchise adviser that immediately and automatically notifies franchisees when they deviate from franchise best practices, and should advise them of the path needed to fix problems, stay on course and expedite their path to profitability. Ideally, business automation also should engage your customers in consistent and responsive communication, increasing retention and acquisition.

On franchise discovery day, set your franchise apart. Digitize your processes and your customer communication with intelligent business process management, created specifically for franchise systems. Impress prospective franchisees, engage customers and make continuous improvement a reality for every location.

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