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About Us

We’re committed to helping you Simplify, Strengthen and Grow Your Business®.

We often tell people that we make the “business” part of owning a business a little easier. Actually, we make it a lot easier. Avitus Group is an outsourced team of experts that feels like an insourced team. We’re invested in more than one specific area of your business , and our goal is to help you become more successful by offering the skills, integration, and human relationships you value.

You’ll want to sign up with Avitus Group to give yourself more time in your days, weeks, months, and years. But after you sign up, you’ll discover so much more: a partnership that allows you to be the best business owner you can be, the expertise of experienced professionals who feel like part of your own team, more space in your life to dream big, and a greater chance of getting there.

Our Solutions


The first step in making your business goals manageable is to simplify your essential processes. When you connect with a supportive network like Avitus Group, you’ll get access to our team of accounting, payroll, and tax preparation specialists. Our jobs are all about making the sometimes complicated world of business management that much easier for you.


Reinforcing your company’s foundation as you work toward your long-term goals means you’ll see continued success as you grow. Our HR, risk management, and co-employment teams can help you with compliance, training, and safeguarding your company against liability so that you can move forward with unity and strength.


With efficient business practices, a dedicated team, and a clear vision, growing your business is the fun part. When you work with our recruiting, marketing, IT, and international planning specialists, we are just as much invested in helping you achieve the business you’ve dreamed of as you are.