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Yeh! Yogurt & Cafe

Capital Required $150,000
Number of units 21
Franchising Since 2011
Royalty Fee 6%


About Yeh! Yogurt & Cafe

Yeh Yogurt & Café was established in 2008. We started franchising in 2011, and now have 21 franchises and counting. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, we have locations across Canada and in the US. The energetic and gutsy Gurman Twins (Jon and Marvin) are co-CEO’s of Yeh! Yogurt and Café. They bring more than 35 years of experience building and marketing brands across North America.

Our core customer is a 15-40 year old female, who is fashionable, health-conscious, and looking for a cool and delicious urban experience. However, not surprisingly, Yeh! is loved by a wide ranging demographic.

At Yeh!, customers enter a stylish and welcoming environment where homemade yogurts and a wide assortment of toppings are offered. The price is then determined by weight.

We are committed to staying ahead of the competition by constantly researching and developing new products, as well as creating an unsurpassed customer experience.

The Gurman Twins invite you to join them in this tasty adventure.

About Yeh! Yogurt & Cafe Franchise Opportunities

Yeh! is a lifestyle brand built on three distinct pillars:

1. Fresh Ingredients: Our products are homemade and contain natural ingredients
2. Healthy Living: We promote an active lifestyle
3. Creative thinking: Our flavors and toppings inspire personal creations

Our #1 priority is to help our Yeh! franchisees succeed. We select motivated individuals who will proudly embrace the Yeh! brand. As a Yeh! franchise owner, you benefit from the following:

  • Organization with a proven business model
  • Training and ongoing franchise support
  • Strong network of providers
  • Economies of scale
  • Locally tailored marketing plans
  • In-store promotional material
  • Social media marketing
  • Real estate location assistance

Training begins at Yeh! headquarters in Montreal, Canada, where we cover the following:

  • Store operations
  • Supplies and Inventory
  • Customer Service
  • Product Information
  • Equipment Knowledge
  • Business Management & Accounting
  • Marketing, Advertising & Branding
  • Human Resources – Hiring and Employee Management

We offer single, multi, area, and master franchise opportunities. We look forward to discussing our Yeh! family with you further.

Yeh! Yogurt & Cafe Testimonial

Yeh! has the best flavors, is the best tasting and the coolest design.
Robert Taylor, Nova Scotia Area Developer

As a future store owner I am truly excited about getting the store open and introducing our self-serve frozen yogurt to the neighborhood. The product is exciting and the store atmosphere is energizing. Frozen yogurt is a healthy treat and with our toppings and yogurt choices countless flavor combinations. What's your Yeh! today?
Isidro Oviedo, Ontario Area Developer

We opened up a Yeh! on the lakefront of Mississauga's Port Credit and it has quickly become a very popular destination for local residents and tourists visiting the area. The wide variety of toppings we offer, from fresh fruits to Reese's pieces, enables customers to indulge in a healthy treat and also satisfy their sweet tooth.
Brian Kieswettter, Owner, Yeh! Port Credit

I am very happy that I made the decision to join the Yeh family. They care about the quality of the product, are interested in customer feedback, welcome franchisee comments, and most of all, they give franchisees a great deal of support. Thank you Yeh!
Man Kun Fong, Owner, Yeh! Quartier des Spectacles

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