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Initial Franchise Fee$25,000
Capital Required $47,680 ~ $64,900
Number of units 4
Investment Level $25,001 ~ $50,000
Franchising Since2017
Royalty Fee5%


About Us

Keeping Seniors at Home

Providing comfort and assistance to our seniors so that they can remain in the place that makes them happiest is exactly what Wisdom Senior Care is all about. Creating sustainable solutions for our seniors and nurturing them in their daily lives in the comfort of their homes is what we envision. By sharing their lives’ challenges as they are aging, our focus is to provide them with compassionate individuals to offer the best of services they need.

We always work closely with the senior's family to make sure that we are a perfect fit. We also ensure that we have everything they look for and that makes Wisdom Senior Care the best at what we do. When you accept Wisdom Senior Care services, you become a member of our family. This means you can rely on us for a smooth transition for the aging time, we take care of you as we would our own aging loved ones. We want to ensure that we are always present, dependable, and flexible for you or your loved ones.

The Industry

What is Home Care

Home Care can be defined as supportive care provided by family and friends or professional caregivers in individual homes, retirement home or care facility. The term describes two different types of care: 1) Medical Health Care solutions at home provided by licensed and regulated certified aides and medical professionals and 2) Non-medical personal care, companionship, or homemaker services that are provided by non-medical caregivers, certified aides, or home helpers. In a broader sense, home care is the care that seniors require, and which often revolves around ADLs – Activities of Daily Living and IADLs or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living.

A study found that an overwhelming number of seniors, about 86% of them, want to continue living in their homes for as long as they can and seniors appear to be more willing to look for help for them to do this. The study also found that 54% of all seniors who live alone are more (about four times more likely) to seek professional care solutions than seniors living with their children. Interestingly, paid care users tend to be older individuals, with 42% over the age of 80 relying on professionals. Senior Care professionals and family caregivers may notice some changes in loved ones they are caring for, and this tends to raise flags that indicate that an otherwise healthy senior needs more professional assistance for him or her to live independently and safely at home. When you see such signs, it is an indication that you probably should be considering calling for help or an assessment.

The Opportunity

The Vision in Action

Creating and nurturing leaders with strength in our industry is what we envision. Our focus is sharing Wisdom’s proven opportunity with passionate individuals to offer a better life to our senior population. We always work closely with owners to make sure that they are a perfect fit and have everything we look for that makes Wisdom Senior Care the best at what we do. When you own a Wisdom Senior Care business, you become a member of our family. This means you can rely on us for support just as you would your own family. We want to ensure that we are always present and available during your journey.

The Benefits

Training Program – Creates a strong base and support network as you start your new path.

Industry Standards – Our team of experts in the field will help you in every area to get started.

Business Coaching Team – Providing education and assistance in developing your business.

Support to Maximize Profits – Create a road map and help to maximize profits.

Team Development – Creating team and organizational structure

Self-Evaluation Checkpoints – SWOT, Teachable mindset and what is important to you.

Geriatric Care – Services – Benefits to every Wisdom Business Owner

Our growth has been based on that growing desire to serve our senior population in the comfort of their homes. Happy seniors, just like any human being, live longer while they still live in a family environment. That is why our services are in such demand, and why owning a Wisdom Senior Care business is such a fulfilling and beneficial experience, on so many levels. Join us and Build a Business