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The Vanguard system teaches you how to build and maintain your own janitorial business, resulting in long term customer satisfaction, stable revenues, and growth opportunity. Vanguard franchisees are motivated and empowered to provide superior janitorial services and customer service to commercial facilities.

Janitorial Franchise Concept



Vanguard is committed to offering a complete franchise program that supports you and your business with the following:


  • Initial training on current techniques such as workloading and team cleaning
  • Highest quality cleaning equipment and supplies such as microfiber cloths and high filtration vacuums
  • Commercial cleaning customers
  • Invoicing and collection services for customers
  • Customer service assistance during the day
  • Professional support


We have a proven business concept that has existed since 1984 and we operate in a growing, recession resistant industry. Your investment in the commercial cleaning industry will be less risky with Vanguard to provide your initial customers and to support you. Our commercial cleaning experience, marketing resources, and continuous support system have helped our 2,000 franchises start and grow substantial janitorial businesses.



If you are an ambitious, hardworking individual that seeks the advantages of owning a business, the Vanguard janitorial franchise program can help you achieve your goals.

The Vanguard Concept

Vanguard continues to grow for the following reasons:




  • EXPERIENCE: We have been in the business of commercial cleaning services & franchising since 1984.

  • CONCEPT: The Vanguard concept combines profit motive, ownership management teams and comprehensive support programs. These aspects effectively overcome recurring personnel and performance problems encountered with a conventional janitorial company.

  • TRAINING: Vanguard has developed a comprehensive janitorial training program, utilizing DVD instruction, interactive classroom instruction, and closely supervised hands-on, on-site cleaning.

  • SUPPORT: Vanguard maintains operation and management support personnel at each office. Our staff can promptly reply to questions about any changes with your customers cleaning needs or provide technical assistance.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems is ranked on the 2011 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list: #7 Overall; #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise; #1 Low Cost Franchise; #1 Home based Franchise. To learn more, simply fill out the short Request Info Form.