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Initial Franchise Fee$40,000
Investment Level $500,001 ~ $1,000,000
Franchising Since2019
Royalty Fee5%


With 100% plant-based, traditional Japanese soup stock full of UMAMI, RAKKAN Ramen presents a new ramen experience. We generate UMAMI magic by slowly simmering vegetables and special seaweed to extract the best flavor. We’ll serve you a new and healthy alternative of ramen with soup, 100% free of meat or seafood.

RAKKAN Ramen Franchise

The First RAKKAN Ramen Restaurant

In June 6, 2011, we opened the first RAKKAN Ramen restaurant in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo. Currently, we own and operate 4 outlets; all located in Tokyo.

We created an authentic Japanese Ramen with broth made of “Dashi”, a traditional Japanese soup stock full of umami, bringing out the best of each ingredient.

With a passion to let the world taste truly authentic Japanese ramen, I opened the first overseas outlet “RAKKAN | DTLA” in downtown Los Angeles in July 2017,

“RAKKAN | Redondo Beach” on Pacific Coast Hwy, CA in July 2018 and

“RAKKAN | Santa Monica”, in January 2019.

Within less than six months of starting our franchise business, we were able to get a total of 9 unit contracts in Atlanta, Chicago and Houston. (As of December 2019)

Start RAKKAN Ramen Franchise

On The Industry

The popularity of Japanese food in the United States in the past ten years has continued to expand mainly in sushi. Ramen is expanding in the West and East Coast as the second largest after sushi, and its momentum is unlikely to subside.

In addition, now everyone knows that the market for vegetarians, including Vegan, is expanding worldwide. Even those who incorporate meat into their diets, are also eating vegetables a few times a day, for their own health.

However, people are not only looking for healthy food, but also for authentic and delicious food.

RAKKAN Ramen Franchise For Sale

An Opportunity

RAKKAN Ramen offers a unique and authentic food among many ramen.

While typical "Tonkotsu"(pork bone) ramen takes more than 10 hours to make soup, RAKKAN Ramen's 100% Plant-based broth can be made in an hour.

The tastes of many healthy foods are light and flat , but RAKKAN Ramen offers rich flavorful dishes.

It has a secret to the original seasonings (soy sauce, salt, miso) developed by RAKKAN.

Our simple operations to use them do not require experienced chefs.

RAKKAN Ramen Franchise Opportunity


  • Join the current two major currents of "Ramen" and "Vegan"
  • A borderless ramen restaurant concept, serving ramen that everyone can enjoy
  • 100% plant-based broth means low ingredients costs than typical "Tonkotsu" ramen store.
  • 100% plant-based broth means less burdensome hygiene management, such as cleaning.
  • 100% plant-based broth means no need for veteran chefs.-low labor cost
  • There are still many potential territories.(started franchising from Mid 2019)

Want to become a member of RAKKAN Ramen with unique and sustainable potential?

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