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French Fry Heaven’s provide one of the most unique, simple and thrilling franchise opportunities to come along in years. If you or your clients are looking for a high margin opportunity, great profit potential, and something that is a blast to own, then we are the perfect choice for you.

We are searching for franchisees who are not only motivated to achieve personal success, but are also driven to dominate their market. Are you committed to maximizing your investment and bottom line while having loads of fun? Then we are looking for you!

French Fry Heaven is the exact opposite of the old, dusty franchise models that focus only on producing results for the franchisor. We exemplify the fresh, original, organized and powerful franchise system that is precision focused on the franchisee’s bottom line.

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Everybody loves Fries! There is no denying that. Our healthful, hypnotic flavor creations paired with our isolated concentration on the two highest margin food items creates a winning formula. We know that our mouthwatering, savory fries create sensational impacts in the mouths and minds of all those who taste them, and that’s why we aim to expand that impact by increasing our locations. Soon, they will be every single place that people are hungry, just like our mission states.

The snack food industry is a multi-billion dollar market inhabited by very few players. No doubt, we own the Gourmet fry market. French Fry Heaven is the US leader in this original, dynamic snack opportunity. Our gourmet fries, Angels (classic) and Saints (sweet potato), are covered with 50+ gourmet sauces, spices and salts which create the wildest, most imaginative menu ever seen in the snack food market. Our fries and sauces are low trans-fat, a majority free of gluten, MSG and GMO, which cause maximum flavor impact, without all the unhealthy distractions. With you, we will dominate ownership over the entire snack food industry!

With simple operations and well-organized systems supporting everything you do, we seek to make every aspect of your French Fry Heaven experience enjoyable and lucrative. From our high-level training system and computer based management tools, to the easy inventory and building solutions, we constantly seek to respect your time, while simultaneously maximizing your opportunity to benefit from and enjoy your new franchise.

Ultimately, you are presented with a profoundly unique and exciting business opportunity, which creates an irrationally passionate community of happy souls! What a phenomenal way to make a nice living!

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We are grateful for the interest so many have shown in French Fry Heaven. When you call or e-mail, our Fryanchise folks will promptly follow up with you to introduce themselves and answer any initial questions you may have. We want you to know absolutely everything possible about French Fry Heaven, because the more you know, the more you will be convinced that this is an unprecedented opportunity. You simply won’t be able to resist!

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