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Commercial Capital Training Group

Capital Required $25,000
Investment Level $25,001 ~ $50,000
Franchising Since 2009
Commercial Capital Training Group Franchise


*Minimum of $25,000 to Invest*


About a Commercial Capital Training Group Franchise

Commercial Capital Training Group is the premier business opportunity in the commercial finance industry for people who want to own their own finance firms. Our training program teaches people how to generate income by providing businesses with capital. Our unique business model and extensive network allow people to start closing deals and generating revenue before they graduate. With no limits on income, you can earn in a year what most people only dream of.


Truly Unlimited Income

The commercial finance market is a trillion-dollar industry. Every business needs capital to thrive and grow, yet banks keep making it more difficult for businesses to get the funding they need. That’s where you come in. After our 6-day course, you’ll be able to offer a wide range of capital solutions to businesses of all types, ranging from $5,000 to over $500 million, with a team backing you to fund those transactions directly. You will be able to earn commission from individual transactions that equal more than what most people earn in a single year in other industries.


Profitable and Recession-Proof

When the economy is booming, businesses need capital to grow their operations. When the economy is in a slump or a period of uncertainty, businesses need capital to stay afloat. In all economic climates, those businesses will come to you for solutions. We will give you comprehensive training to help businesses in any economic climate and earn a lucrative income in the process.


Training that Will Transform Your Life

Commercial Capital Training Group offers a system that’s easy to learn and implement, so you can start closing deals immediately after graduating from our course. Additionally, you do not need any prior experience in the finance industry to be a success. During your training, you will meet with direct lenders who are at the top of their industry and get the tools necessary to start earning a six or seven-figure income.


We Practice What We Teach

We don’t just teach people how to be successful with a Commercial Capital Training Group Franchise. Our founders also run a commercial finance business, so we know what it takes to be successful in this industry, and we are putting in the same work as the graduates of our program – providing capital to businesses and commercial real estate investors.


Here Are Some of the Solutions You Will Be Able to Offer:

Equipment Leasing | Account Receivables Financing | Contract Financing | Commercial Development Financing | Factoring | SBA Loans | Franchise Financing | Medical Practice Loans | Medical Receivables Financing | Working Capital Loans | Merchant Cash Advances | Sale Leasebacks | Stock Loans | Asset Based Financing | Structured Settlement & Annuity Financing | Project Financing | Bridge Loans & Hard Money Loans | Lines of Credit | Gas Station Financing | Repossessed Asset Financing |Debt Restructuring | Venture Capital | Equity Financing | Business Acquisitions | Purchase Order Financing | Energy & Commodity Finance| Hotel Financing | Construction Financing | Commercial Real Estate Financing | Joint Venture Capital | Mergers & Acquisitions | Mezzanine Financing | Development Financing | Unsecured Lines of Credit | Church Financing and many more!


There’s Us – and Then There’s the Rest

We understand that there are similar opportunities to ours, and you want to get the best investment and highest returns for your money. The reality is that no other opportunity offers you the education, ongoing training, lifetime marketing, and unlimited earning potential.



Millions upon millions of small businesses cannot access capital. The statistics don’t lie: The key facts below prove why this industry is one of the most lucrative industries to be in because of what you’ll be able to provide. These figures were taken in 2006 when the economy was good! The fact is this problem always exists with very few people knowing what to do...until they meet you. With your unique and complete business model representing a multitude of innovative capital solutions from lenders that can approve a majority of what banks turndown, your potential client base is virtually unlimited with very little competition. “Business owners are good at running their business, not at procuring capital for it.”

Founder, CCTG