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Initial Franchise Fee$10,000
Capital Required $100,000
Number of units 65
Investment Level $100,001 ~ $200,000
Franchising Since2018
Royalty Fee$499


About CMA

Champions Martial Arts International was founded in 1988 with the goal of bringing high-quality martial arts to its community.  Now in 2020 CMA has grown to over 65 locations and is serving communities in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, with online systems and over a dozen coaches on hand to help its members help their members.  CMA’s goal now is to find hard working dedicated martial arts instructors who want to fulfill their dream of teaching martial arts.

Martial Arts Industry

Today’s martial arts schools are not just gyms where people go to work out.  The industry has expanded far beyond its original roots by opening up the skills and teachings to students both old and young.  Martial arts have become the go-to activity for young children who need to build confidence, older students who want to develop leadership skills, and Adults who want to get into shape, all while learning a way to protect themselves.  Because of these and many other interactions, martial arts schools become communities of individuals working towards a mutual goal.

Our Opportunity

CMA is looking to bring in individuals who want to take the passion of their martial art and turn it into a fulfilling career.  Champions Martial Arts International offers a full plan for setting up, advertising and running a successful martial arts studio.  With a highly-skilled franchise coaching staff and the least expensive monthly fees, this franchise is motivated to help its franchisors to grow and expand!

Our Benefits

  • A full curriculum with materials
  • Proven effective retention and upgrade systems
  • Personalized support
  • Online training library for martial arts and business
  • Low-cost franchise start-up fees
  • Inexpensive monthly fees
  • Comprehensive support team
  • Region exclusivity (varies on location)

Do not waste this opportunity apply to be a CMA franchise location today!