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About Us

BusinessKids is a program for very young entrepreneurs, in which they learn to develop business ideas through play.

To encourage and build entrepreneurial skills in children in a playful and creative environment, which promotes entrepreneurship, teamwork, self-esteem, love for work, proactive behavior, community service, environmental protection, saving and money awareness.In BusinessKids we teach children that good businesses are more than just a source of wealth, thus creating in them a real social conscience. BusinessKids teaches kids to be entrepreneurs with a sound set of values


  • Entrepreneurial experience and/or related studies (economic administrative careers, Industrial Engineering, Psychology, Education, and the like).
  • Commercial office area, corporate office building or home room with specific land-use.
  • Excellent location.
  • Area of 100-150 m2.
  • Available area for an office, 3 classrooms and a free area (interior or exterior).
  • Electric power, water, and proper drainage services.
  • At least one phone line.
  • Broadband Internet
  • Guaranteed Security.