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7-Eleven, Inc. is the franchisor. The franchisor’s direct parent is SEJ Asset Management & Investment Company, which is wholly controlled by Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. The franchisor’s ultimate parent is Seven and i, a Japanese corporation. Franchisees operate extended-hour retail convenience stores that emphasize convenience to the guest and provide a broad array of products, including many not traditionally available in convenience stores. These products include an assortment of high-quality fresh food, hot food and proprietary beverage offerings, and private brand items. The stores are generally open every day of the year usually 24 hours a day.

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There are three types of franchises offered:

1. A Traditional Individual 7-Eleven Store: The franchisor offers franchises for a single site that it owns or leases.

2. Business Conversion Program (BCP) franchise: The franchisee is responsible for acquiring the land and building for a store site and pays a different royalty than traditional franchisees. The franchisee of a BCP is also subject to a different disclosure document than the franchisee of a traditional store.

3. Micro Market Franchise: The franchisee owns or leases the site and most equipment to operate an unmanned 7-Eleven branded stand-alone retail space or an unmanned retail space within an office building, hospital, university or hotel or similar location and within a limited square footage. The Micro Market franchise is the subject of a different disclosure document as well.

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